The easiest position to get pregnant is

Today is the national day, and the whole world is celebrating together. The evil little nine wants to talk about the great topic of the origin of human beings at the same time – which posture is easier to get pregnant?

Open Baidu and search “the easiest posture to get pregnant”; Or high-end people, go over the wall and open Google, enter “best sex position for concept”, and you will see a lot of articles about the most suitable posture for pregnancy.

Well, blacklist these websites because they spread pseudoscience.

In fact, the probability of pregnancy in any posture is not much different. Although people believe from experience that the traditional male up and female down (foreigners call it the “missionary” posture) is the easiest way to conceive. Some people also think that putting a pillow under a woman’s hip and raising her legs after popping can increase the possibility of sperm reaching the ovaries.

This conclusion has been proved invalid by scientific research.

Some postures, such as female up, male down, sitting and standing, may cause semen to flow out of the body due to the influence of gravity, which will indeed affect the chances of pregnancy.

Also, if you want to be pregnant, you should not rinse your lower body after popping. This is not a problem of washing away sperm, but it will change the pH of the vagina, and sperm need an acid-base balance to survive longer. Moreover, this will also wash away cervical secretions and affect the carrier of sperm swimming into the uterus.

Another legend about pregnancy is that if the harmony of life is achieved, it is easier to have a boy. This may be true or false, because there is no evidence

There is no such thing as the most fertile position, but the most fertile frequency is real.

Many people think that if we do more, the probability of pregnancy will naturally be high, so of course it is best to do it every day. In fact, this is not the case. The number of love that is most conducive to pregnancy is done every other day during a woman’s ovulation period.

In this way, the man can have a full rest, and the sperm quantity can return to normal, which can improve the possibility of making the woman pregnant.

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