Men and women: it’s too late to check if it hurts here

Now more and more people will suffer from stomach diseases, which can be said to be one of the most common diseases of modern people. What is the reason for it and how to find it in advance? In fact, there are some signs of any disease except sudden death. For example, if you have pain here, you must go to the hospital.

large gastric cancer originates from small stomach diseases

Gastric cancer often originates from some small stomach diseases that are ignored by us. Many patients with gastric cancer have the problem of avoiding medical treatment. They feel that it is just bloating and stomachache. After a while, they will get better, or they can take some painkillers at will. Sometimes it really works, but after a while, it relapses.

Repeated treatment, repeated attacks, and finally admitted to the hospital, but it was also powerless to recover. At this time, gastric cancer patients are often in the late stage, or even have metastases.

What stomach pains should we pay attention to

There are many types of gastric cancer, which can be divided into gastric fundus cardia cancer, gastric body cancer, antral cancer, etc. according to different parts. Different parts of gastric cancer also determine the different pain parts.

Gastric cancer that occurs at the cardia and fundus of the stomach will have choking after eating, discomfort and dull pain under the xiphoid process or behind the sternum. These symptoms are similar to esophageal cancer, and the pain will be aggravated when eating.

Symptoms: vomiting will occur when the choking and choking after eating are aggravated to a certain extent, mostly 2-3 hours after eating.

The vomit is composed of indigestible food and mucus. In the initial stage, there will only be mucus, and in the later stage, there will be food after chewing.

epigastric pain

Stomach cancer on the side of the gastric body and the greater curvature will cause epigastric discomfort and pain.

Symptoms: at the beginning, it is pain after eating. When not eating, the symptoms will be relieved. Gradually the pain worsened and I lost my regularity. Gastrointestinal bleeding even occurred in the middle and late stages.

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