Don’t take a bath like this at home, it will put your life in danger!

I don’t know if it’s Xiao Jiu’s illusion. This year’s Guangzhou is especially thunderstorm prone. A few days ago, when Xiao Jiu was preparing to take a shower, a flash of lightning struck down. She was so scared that she quickly hid in her room and dared not take a shower, for fear of being struck by thunder. Don’t say Xiao Jiu is surprised. It’s really possible to be hit by thunder when taking a shower. If you don’t believe it, look at these cases ↓

In June 2001, a British woman was knocked down by an electrified bathtub after taking a bath in a thunderstorm;

In the same year, according to the national thunderstorm statistics issued by China’s Meteorological Bureau, a girl in Hubei was killed by lightning while bathing in a thunderstorm;

In October 2006, a Croatian woman was injured by lightning while brushing her teeth;

In November 2007, a girl was injured by lightning while washing her hair in Bradford, England;

In May 2008, a 15-year-old boy in Kansas was injured by lightning while taking a shower;


So, don’t take a bath when it’s thundering.

Although the probability of being struck by lightning is small, we can’t completely ignore it. After all, there are precedents. Even if there is a lightning rod on the top of the building, don’t take it seriously. All accidents are possible.

In fact, the time for bathing is very particular. It’s better not to take a bath except when it’s thundering. Don’t take a bath during these times

1. After exercise

After exercise, the body temperature rises, the capillaries dilate, and the skin takes away heat through a lot of perspiration. If you take a bath immediately after exercise, especially when the water is cold, it will make sweat glands sweat “suddenly stop”.

The heat cannot be released, which is unfavorable to the recovery of the body, and may even cause muscle spasm, reduce the immune function, and cause colds, colds, tracheitis and other diseases. Especially for diabetes patients, this is not a good habit.

Everyone who insists on sports must wait until the sweat is cool before taking a bath.

2. Before and after eating

Xiao Jiu used to take a bath immediately after eating because he wanted to go to bed early. As a result, every time I wash my stomach, I always feel nervous. In fact, there is a reason for this.

After taking a bath after dinner, the blood flow on the body surface will increase, and the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract will decrease accordingly, thus weakening the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract and causing indigestion.

Don’t wash when you are hungry before meals, which is easy to cause hypoxia and temporary anemia. An hour or more after dinner, preferably a bath before bed, will eliminate the fatigue of the day and make you sleep easily.

3. Before, during and after popping

① Don’t take a bath before “popping”

After taking a hot bath, the superficial blood vessels of the whole body’s skin are in an expanded state, most of the blood is concentrated on the body surface, and the nervous system is in a relatively “inhibited” state. If you have sex at this time, your sexual organs will not be able to get enough blood supply.

Men may have weak erections, and women may not be sensitive to sexual stimulation. Moreover, bathing will consume physical strength, easily lead to temporary imbalance of blood circulation in the whole body, so that dizziness, palpitation, nausea, fatigue and other symptoms occur during sexual life.

② Don’t take a bath when you’re popping

Maybe many young people think that “mandarin duck bath” is very interesting, so they all fantasize about having a target, and they must come once. Yes, there are interests, but there are also risks.

Risk 1: it is easy to slip and fall while standing and taking a shower, resulting in a safety accident. This is really not covered. Xiao Jiu walked carefully in the bathroom in slippers, and her feet slipped. What if the two of you are so sharp inside.

Risk 2: lying in the bathtub and popping while taking a bath will increase the difficulty of popping. Water and lubricant are two different things. Water itself has resistance and buoyancy, and the bathtub has a small space, which can not be unfolded. It will not only hinder men’s movements, but also drop chains at critical moments.

Risk 3: mandarin duck bath will affect sexual function. When a male organ is erect, it needs 20-25 times more blood than normal, and bathing will cause a large amount of blood to accumulate in the skin, which will lead to conflicts in blood volume allocation, which will lead to a phenomenon of insufficient strength.

Obviously, bath fighting is not worthy of praise, and pornographic films are all deceptive.

③ Don’t take a bath after popping

You can’t take a full body bath immediately after popping. The same reason as after the exercise. Sex is a more intense physical exercise. During sexual intercourse, the heart beats faster, the heart vessels expand, and the blood flowing to the psoas muscle and sexual organs increases significantly.

At this time, the sweat glands of the body open, sweat a lot to dissipate heat, and the body’s defense ability is weak. If you take a bath immediately, and the water temperature is too cold, it will affect the blood vessel contraction of pelvic cavity and psoas muscle, and you may suffer from backache and abdominal distension for a long time.

So, how can we be clean and have “sexual interest”?

Only necessary cleaning of private parts shall be carried out before cleaning, simple local cleaning shall be used instead of bathing, and hand washing liquid shall be used at the same time;

If you have to take a bath, take a rest for half an hour after taking a bath. Talk between husband and wife, and adjust the atmosphere of a good sex life first;

After slapping, you can wash the perineum and genitalia locally, or rest for about 20 minutes before taking a bath. Pay attention not to freeze yourself while waiting.

other precautions about bathing

Xiao Jiu has always felt that bathing is the happiest thing in the day, so in order to make it more perfect, you must pay attention to these matters.

1. Don’t use the shower ball too long

In fact, the service life of the bath ball is related to the way you keep it. But it is normal to change it every 3 months, because the bath ball will be stained with dead skin and breed bacteria after being used for a long time. It is recommended to thoroughly clean it every 1-2 weeks and replace it every quarter.

2. Lay an anti-skid mat on the ground

When walking on dry ground, there are still slippery feet, not to mention the wet bathroom. Especially if there are old people living at home, the anti-skid mat is essential. It can also prevent yourself from falling down and let you take a bath safely.

3. Turn off the water heater before washing.

It’s similar to being split when bathing in a thunderstorm. If you don’t turn off the water heater, there is a probability that you will be electrocuted. If you search the news on the Internet, you can see the news about being electrified in the bath. Don’t question the possibility of accidents. It’s better to keep an eye on them.

4. The shower head is old and needs to be replaced.

A survey of the bacterial content in the air and water of homes, schools and public buildings in the United States found that almost every nozzle harbors tens of thousands of bacteria, and 30% of them were found to contain bacteria that can cause lung disease. The amount of such bacteria on the nozzle is 100 times that of tap water. The water column ejected by the nozzle is easy to be inhaled into the body when bathing, causing infection.

Therefore, the showerhead must be cleaned regularly. And the old ones should be replaced in time, even if they are not broken.

5. Don’t wash your face with bath water.

The bath water is dirty. In particular, the longer the water heater is used, the dirtier the water. In fact, this has little to do with water. It’s just that the water heater has been used for a long time, and there are more scale and bacteria in it. If the skin on the face is sensitive, it’s best not to wash the face with bath water. Moreover, the water heater should also regularly find a professional teacher to clean the inner liner.

6. Don’t go to bed after taking a bath.

Don’t go to bed when your body, hair and skin are not dry. One is to keep your bed dry and avoid becoming a hotbed of bacteria. Second, in order to prevent you from catching a cold, the body or hair can’t be slightly wet. The moisture that can’t be volatilized anywhere will be absorbed by the body, which is easy to catch a cold and cause dizziness.

In short, don’t take danger seriously. You don’t know which comes first, tomorrow or accident. Pay more attention!

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