What is a good wife in the eyes of post-80s men

1. Age

Of course, the post-80s look for the post-80s. At least there will not be a generation gap for those born in this era who have neither suffered much nor enjoyed much. The post-90s generation is too young, and there are mostly “non mainstream” people. Don’t provoke us.

Although we are a generation that combines tradition and modernity, we are still not as “avant-garde” as you are. Your “avant-garde” speed has soared to the sky. To another planet, you should know that earthmen are still hostile to aliens.

2. Appearance

Don’t be too beautiful, of course, it’s easy to turn your stomach if you’re too ugly. You should have correct features and comfortable looking. Your nose is your nose and your eyes are your eyes. Don’t squeeze your nose and eyes into a pile.

The body should be as symmetrical as possible. If you have practiced dance or yoga, it would be great. This is what is called “trees should be straight and people should be upright”. You should walk in an ordinary manner. Don’t come with the inside eight characters, the outside eight characters and the Lingbo micro step. It will not be a feeling when you walk with you.

3. Talent and learning

We do not agree with the feudal saying that “a woman without talent is virtuous”. Life needs to be colorful, a few crafts, and some art to bring pleasure to the fast-paced life of the city. Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, playing, singing and hand-made work can do anything, and life should be enriched.

4. Character

Don’t think of yourself as a princess. I can’t afford to serve you. Spoiled and spoiled. Be sharp and practical. Don’t look like a glass man. To be independent, it doesn’t matter whether you make money or not, but you must have the ability to survive independently. Don’t count on me for everything. What I want is a wife, not a girlfriend, not a daughter, not a mistress.

5. Occupation

My parents have some requirements for this, but we don’t care. The income can’t be too high. We all earn money through our own efforts. We don’t want to become upstart characters, nor do we need to live by women. We hate those roles that are soft food.

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