Comforting my unfortunate sister-in-law and being scolded as a lecher by his wife

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My sister-in-law is like this. She married the wrong man and lived with her seven year old child after divorce. Unexpectedly, a sudden car accident took the life of her precious son. Looking at her grief stricken appearance, I really feel bad. Once when I visited her, she told me about her life and hugged me and cried bitterly. I could not interrupt her or stop her, so I had to touch her back and let her sob in my arms; However, once, when I was sitting on her bed wiping her tears with a paper towel, my wife suddenly came across me. She was angry on the spot and jealous when she came home. After that, he quarreled with me for three days. I asked her, can I ignore your sister’s misfortunes? She said your management was “out of line”. Do you think I don’t know? If you want to take advantage of the fire to rob and take advantage of the opportunity, you are a pretending wolf. I don’t care much about my sister’s affairs. What qualifications do you have to be sentimental?

My lungs almost burst. But I don’t want to get into a stalemate with my wife and affect my children’s studies. But thinking of my sister-in-law’s lonely back and begging eyes, I felt that I had not fulfilled my brother-in-law’s responsibility.

expert reply reply :

Brother, it’s not my brother who wants to talk about you. My sister-in-law and my brother-in-law have always been a pair of delicate relationships in gender relations. Even if you have no lust and courage, no one can say clearly the suspicion. My sister-in-law is not small either. She even threw herself into your arms and let you hold her. Don’t mention her sister’s suspicions. I’m sweating for you. But fate is too unfair to your sister-in-law, and successive misfortunes fall on her. At this time, everyone really needs to give a little love, share her pain together, and rebuild her confidence. In essence, your starting point is not wrong, and you must persist. But in order not to have an affair because of comforting your sister-in-law and dispel your wife’s jealousy, your methods and methods must be changed. This is one of them.

Second, try to avoid being alone with your sister-in-law. You can invite your wife or other relatives and friends to visit you. Care for my sister-in-law with positive language and open-minded feelings. Be careful not to “hug” or use ambiguous eyes or hints that may lead to your wife’s suspicion. Any improper behavior at this time will not benefit your family and your sister-in-law.

Third, when your wife is at home, ask your sister-in-law to have dinner and chat, or let your children spend their spare time with her. If conditions permit, give more financial support to her sister-in-law, such as letting her travel and relax, or helping her find a job and do some small business, so that she can have something to do and new life goals to pursue, so that she can get out of her grief as soon as possible.

Fourth, there is no “good Brotherhood” in Chaoshan according to the legend. I have also heard that this is mainly caused by the financial constraints of rural families. With the improvement of life, this situation will gradually change. You should firmly believe that no one can change the relationship between brothers and sisters whose blood is thicker than water.

As for your wife’s “jealousy”, I’m afraid it can’t be changed for a while. It can only be slowly transformed. Many “household chores” can not be solved at once if you want to solve them. Sometimes the feelings between husband and wife will pass away by pretending to be deaf and dumb. The important thing is to be yourself.

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