Will people who don’t get enough sleep become stupid?

question 1: how can you become stupid if you don’t sleep enough even become retarded ?

People’s sleep is divided into rapid eye movement period and non rapid eye movement period. The former can absorb and sort out the memory of a day. If the rapid eye movement period is insufficient, the energy will not necessarily deteriorate, but the memory and judgment will decline. The article “understanding insomnia” also points out that “during the rapid eye movement period, we review our daily experiences and new things learned through dreaming, so that they can be more stable in memory.” It can be seen that the lack of rapid eye movement has an impact on memory.

Rem is in the second half of sleep, accounting for about a quarter of the sleep time. If you don’t have enough sleep, don’t enter rem, or don’t have enough rem, your memory and judgment will decline. On the other hand, people are relatively slow to react and are prone to forgetfulness. It can be said that they have become “stupid,” but this has nothing to do with IQ. “It is impossible to become mentally retarded because of lack of sleep.”.

question 2: will people accumulate “sleep debt” if they sleep less than 8 hours

Sleep debt (also known as sleep debt) is “the consent word for sleep needs. The longer you stay awake, the higher your sleep needs. The more sleep debt you accumulate, the more sleepy you are, and the more sleep you have to pay.” This is a theory from the United Kingdom. In short, the number of hours you haven’t slept enough will continue to accumulate. When you have time to catch up, you will slowly catch up.

Generally speaking, the average person’s adequate sleep time is 8 hours, so sleep debt often takes this as the standard, telling everyone that it is best to sleep for 8 hours. But does everyone have to sleep so long?

differ from man to man! As long as you are physically fit, you can be energetic and sleep for a few hours the next day. For example, Napoleon of France reportedly only sleeps for four hours a day, and master Zheng Yan of Tzu Chi only sleeps for five hours a day. Your mental state is still good. For us, we should sleep 6.5 ~ 7.5 hours a day. After all, this is more in line with the standards of the general public.

question 3: can one hour’s nap in the afternoon be equivalent to three hours at night

Is nap so magical? In fact, this is a problem of concentration. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you need to take a rest at noon to recover your strength. Only when you wake up can you have higher concentration. Compared with people without the habit of taking a nap, people with the habit of taking a nap naturally have a stronger concentration in the afternoon. The latter is usually more tired in the afternoon. When necessary, they need to rely on coffee, refreshing drinks and so on to improve their concentration.

If you have a full sleep at night, you don’t have to take a lunch break during the day, and you can maintain the vitality of the day; Unless you don’t sleep well at night, you need to take a nap. Basically, I don’t recommend taking a lunch break. If you want to take a lunch break for 20 minutes, it should not exceed 30 minutes at most; Lunch break is limited to one hour.

Speaking of this, we should be confused: how long should we not sleep? Because the sleep cycle of people is about 60-120 minutes, every 60-120 minutes of non REM period is followed by 10 minutes of REM period, and it is not easy to wake up from the latter. Therefore, whether it is 30 minutes or 1 hour, it is to avoid entering the deep sleep period, avoiding sleeping too deep to wake up easily, and uncomfortable feelings.

Based on the above statements, the following three conclusions can be drawn:

1. Lack of sleep can indeed reduce people’s concentration and reaction, but it will not reduce their IQ.

2. You don’t have to sleep for 8 hours every day, which varies from person to person.

3. The lunch break is used to make up for the insufficient physical strength of the previous night, not to offset the sleep time at night.

So we don’t have to worry about becoming stupid, but we still have to sleep well every day to have enough energy!

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