These seven daily habits will make you 10 years older than your peers

I haven’t straightened my hair for a long time. A while ago, Xiao Jiu suddenly had the urge to cut his hair short. So I went to have my hair cut the same as that of my student days. However, the same hairstyle is completely different because of the face! Change! Cang! Sang! Right! The LUNs are not even 25 years old… Think about it carefully. Maybe these bad habits are responsible for our old age.

Seven bad habits can accelerate aging

1. No particular about food

Xiao Jiu used to be a girl who liked eating but didn’t like snacks. At least she was a girl in her school days. However, everything has changed since graduation. The biscuits that used to be so bad that they should not be eaten too high. I used to eat every meal well, but now I don’t want to be too casual. I often contact with heavy taste food.

It should be said that this is the current situation of every office worker. Nowadays, the diet of office workers is more disorderly, and food with high oil, salt and calories is welcome. And these foods are just one of the “criminals” who destroy our energy.

Lack of attention to diet has countless effects on accelerating skin aging:

First of all, a diet with too much fat will make the human body accumulate a large amount of fat and cause obesity;

Secondly, eating too much oil will stimulate the sebaceous glands of the skin and make the skin grow a lot of acne;

Moreover, taking too much salt every day will increase the burden on the kidneys, and at the same time cause health problems such as rising blood pressure;

According to the report of the American College of Cardiology, overeating will increase the risk of heart disease. The risk of heart events within two hours after overeating is four times that of normal, and the risk of heart problems within one hour is 10 times.

The data of experimental rats showed that those who overeat reduced their lifespan by 21%; At the same time, a report issued by the OECD in 2014 shows that the life expectancy of severely obese people is 8-10 years shorter than that of ordinary weight people. For every additional 15 kg on the basis of normal weight, the risk of premature death increases by about 30%.

2. Continuous lack of sleep

Various studies have shown that insufficient sleep can accelerate human aging. However, Xiao Jiu, as a typical patient of late night obsessive-compulsive disorder, has really reached the stage of insanity! Maybe only two of the ten nights can fall asleep before 23 o’clock. The other eight nights were dedicated to mobile phones.

Xiao Jiu has just carefully studied himself in the mirror and found that he had stayed up for several days and nights. The consequence is that black circles under his eyes are almost catching up with national treasures. There are more spots, larger pores, smaller eyes, and acne. Even the fine lines in the corners of his eyes seem to be deeper.

In fact, staying up late is not only the enemy of skin health care, but also the enemy of multiple organ damage. Lack of sleep will make various regulatory activities of skin cells abnormal and affect the vitality of epidermal cells, which is easy to show on the skin. Moreover, staying up late will hurt the kidney and heart, and many diseases are inextricably related to staying up late.

Seeing this, Xiao Jiu felt deeply: I don’t want to be ugly, so I must get rid of my obsessive-compulsive disorder of staying up late!

Moreover, the proportion of people who regularly lack sleep who die early is 12% higher than those who can guarantee 6-8 hours of sleep every day. But a word of caution, too much is better than too little, and sleeping too much will also be more prone to aging and premature death.

3. Don’t move every day

Although junior high school didn’t like sports when he was a student, he at least moved between the classroom and the dormitory every day. But now, I spend more time sitting and lying than moving. Weekends are even more integrated with beds, with no outdoor activities, and even indoor sports are almost zero.

If you don’t exercise, the most common one will lead to obesity, which will lead to the decline of body immunity and resistance, and lead to various diseases. In particular, the older you get, the more problems you will have. However, fortunately, we are still young, and it is still time to correct! Autumn is coming, the sun is gone, and we have nothing to climb a mountain and ride a bike on the weekend. Let’s move together.

The results of a British study on the telomere length of chromosomes (which determines whether cells can continue to divide and grow, and is a sign of activity) show that compared with people who actively take physical exercise, friends who do not exercise are on average 10 years older in biological sense.

4. Excessive psychological pressure

Compared with the time when we were studying, we in the workplace have more than one or two points of increased pressure. I won’t talk about it in detail. Everyone knows. Whether physical or psychological pressure, too much or too heavy will accelerate people’s aging.

Physical pressure is too heavy, long-term overtime, high-intensity work, etc., and the body will break down if it can’t bear the load. For example, bad problems such as headache, dizziness and muscle soreness will affect the mental state of the whole person and cause psychological changes.

The psychological pressure is even worse. Once the psychological pressure is too great, it is easy to cause excessive anger, emotional control, irritability, depression, sadness and other bad emotions, which are mental torture and also cause a series of physical diseases.

The University of California, San Francisco has studied the effect of stress on cells, and the results show that high stress can accelerate cell aging for 9 to 17 years.

5. Ignore minor ailments and pains

In fact, Xiao Jiu is extremely afraid of going to the hospital to drop silver, so he basically ignores colds, sore throats and abdominal pains, which are not serious. However, this year, because of this bad habit, I went to the hospital many times and suffered enough.

Fortunately, the problem was not very serious, but it also sounded an alarm for Xiaojiu. He really can’t delay his minor illness and pain. Any serious illness is the accumulation of minor ailments. Some diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, may be too late when they occur.

Therefore, it is important to prevent in advance. Don’t ignore any abnormal phenomena in your body. It is better to have a long heart now than to wait until you are sick to know how important health is.

6. Long term addiction to alcohol and tobacco

This little nine doesn’t have any, but it must be that many men have been recruited.

If you are addicted to smoking, you should be prepared for lung cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

If you are addicted to alcohol, you should bravely bear the consequences of liver disease and pulmonary hydrops;

If you love alcohol and tobacco, I think you will have a hard time in your old age

The above is not that Xiao Jiu is cursing everyone. The fact is that often dealing with tobacco and alcohol will make you look 10 years older than your peers. Moreover, most patients with liver cancer, stomach cancer, lung cancer and so on are former smokers and alcoholics.

The study also found that nicotine in tobacco can constrict the skin and blood vessels, so smokers’ skin is easy to wrinkle and their appearance is 10 years older than that of non-smokers.

7. Don’t wear sunscreen when you go out

From small to large, Xiaojiu had no concept of sunscreen. Compared with the good friends around him, Xiao Jiu found that he really didn’t know how to cherish his face. No wonder your face is darker than your hands. Everything makes sense.

Sun exposure is the main cause of skin aging. Direct sunlight and excessive absorption of ultraviolet rays will directly damage the elastic fibers and collagen in the deep layer of the skin, causing the facial skin to become black and thick, loose and lusterless, wrinkle, and even skin cancer.

If you don’t wear sunscreen when you go out, you’ll be lazy after all! But this has risen to skin cancer, and we must pay more attention to it. Both men and women should be prepared for sunscreen before going out. In addition, we need to remind everyone that sunscreen must not be cheap, and quality must be the first choice!

A study by Massachusetts General Hospital found that ultraviolet rays can cause skin aging, and effective sunscreen can make people look 20 years younger than their actual age.

How many did you get? I don’t want to grow old so fast. Just change these bad habits!

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