What are the physiological changes of long-distance running

Running is both simple and difficult. The simple thing is that you can move if you have a pair of running shoes. The difficult thing is to keep running, and it is even more difficult to keep running every morning! So what are the physiological changes of long-distance running?

1. Improve cardiopulmonary function

Running will affect the respiratory system and cardiovascular system, develop people’s speed and endurance, and improve their cardiopulmonary function. It provides sufficient blood and oxygen for the heart and maintains and improves the heart function. Research shows that people who have been running for 10 years have a heart function of at least 10 years younger, and the risk of heart disease is reduced by more than 5 times.

2. Thinking becomes more agile

Running can enhance the function of the nervous system, eliminate the fatigue of the brain, release pressure, prevent neurasthenia, activate brain cells, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it also regulates the internal balance of the body and inspires the spirit. Enkephalin, which can be secreted by the body during running, is a substance that excites people, releases psychological pressure, and makes people live younger and younger.

3. Develop a good constitution that is easy to burn fat

Why do some people get fat easily? The reason lies in the lack of exercise on weekdays, which reduces muscle strength, and instead allows fat to accumulate. After going to work, many people often stay up late and work overtime because of the high work pressure. Over time, their weight will increase rapidly and their physical condition will be much worse than before. The body can’t stand staying up late. If you get up early and run every day, hundreds of calories of energy will be consumed.

Generally speaking, running is an aerobic exercise. Through running, we can improve muscle strength, properly restore muscle mass to a normal level, and at the same time, mention the basic metabolism in the body, accelerate the burning of fat, and develop a lean constitution. By running, the fat content in women can be reduced by 12% – 20%, and that in men can be reduced by 6% – 13%.

4. Delaying aging

Persisting in running can not only exercise the body, but also delay aging, because persisting in running will accelerate the metabolism of the human body, help detoxify and beautify the skin, and make the skin more delicate and smooth. Persisting in running can also make all functions of the body more active and emit a state of youth and vitality.

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