What should we pay attention to in long-distance running

1. What should we pay attention to in long-distance running? Do a good warm-up

Before long-distance running, you should be well prepared for warm-up. You can jog, press your legs and move your joints. When you feel a little sweaty, you should say that the warm-up is sufficient.

2. What should we pay attention to in long-distance running? Pay attention to breathing

During running, you must breathe deeply and rhythmically. Breathe in three steps and breathe out five steps, especially in winter. Because of the cold in winter, don’t breathe with your mouth open when running. Cold air will hurt your body if it enters the trachea. Keep your mouth half open and hold your tongue against the upper tooth hall. Breathe with your mouth and nose. In the process of running, if you feel uncomfortable, your legs are heavy and your chest is stuffy. When you don’t want to continue running, you should reduce the running speed and adjust your breathing properly.

3. What should we pay attention to in long-distance running? Concentration

Pay attention when running. Don’t chat with friends while running. Carefully observe the ground and surrounding environment to avoid accidents.

4. What should we pay attention to in long-distance running? Don’t wear too thick

It is not advisable to wear too thick and bulky clothes during long-distance running, which will hinder the body’s movement, increase the body’s burden, and even sweat too much. It is advisable to wear loose and sweat absorbing cotton clothes suitable for sports. After sports, you should add clothes or change dry clothes in time, so as to avoid wind chill invading the body and causing colds and other diseases when the pores of your body are wide.

5. What should we pay attention to in long-distance running? Pay attention to the place for long-distance running

It is not suitable to run long in places with much smoke and poor air quality, so as to avoid directly inhaling dust and exhaust gas, which may cause acute bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

6. What should we pay attention to during long-distance running? Pay attention to the weather during long-distance running

It is not suitable to exercise in strong wind, cold, snow and fog to avoid danger, which is especially important for people with weak physique.

Benefits of long-distance running

1. Fitness long-distance running can improve the functions of the respiratory system and cardiovascular system: scientific practice has confirmed that long-term rhythmic deep and long breathing can make the human body breathe a large amount of oxygen. If the amount of oxygen absorbed exceeds 7-8 times of normal, it can inhibit the growth and reproduction of human cancer cells. Secondly, the long-distance running exercise also improves the oxygen supply state of the myocardium, accelerates the metabolism of the myocardium, and also makes the muscle fibers of the myocardium thicker and the cardiac contractility stronger, thus improving the working ability of the heart.

2. Fitness long-distance running is conducive to disease prevention and treatment: Fitness long-distance running speeds up blood circulation, cleans harmful substances in the excretory system, and makes it difficult for harmful substances to stay and spread in the body. According to the measurement, running 3000 meters in 16 minutes or 5000 meters in 25 minutes can reduce the cholesterol in blood. This has a good preventive effect on the elderly who are prone to hyperlipidemia of different degrees, and then cause vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, etc.

3. Fitness long-distance running is conducive to relaxed mood and happy spirit: this kind of long-distance running is very beneficial to alleviate the mental and psychological tension brought by high-speed and intense sports in modern society because it does not pay attention to the victory and defeat of competitions and only seeks to keep fit in a relaxed and happy way. According to medical experts, this kind of relaxed and pleasant exercise can best produce a continuous sense of euphoria and sedation.

What are the skills of long-distance running

1. The right running technique

Correct running technical action: after starting, bend both arms to 90 degrees, and naturally swing back and forth with the rhythm of running, with the shoulder joint as the axis. The range of swing back and forth should not be too large. During running, the back pedal of the thigh should be fully powerful, and the front swing should be about 45 degrees. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, the toes should face the direction of running, the landing should be gently extended forward, and the action should be relaxed.

2. Foot landing

The landing action of the foot should take the method of landing on the outer side of the whole foot to landing on the front foot. In this way, the muscles at the back of the legs are relatively relaxed, and the running is strong, but the speed is slow, which is suitable for most people and beginners to keep fit at ordinary times.

3. Body coordination

When we start jogging, you must make sure that all the movements are forward. You can’t let your arm swing in the whole body range, which will waste our energy. You must ensure that your arm always swings forward. When you jog, the position of your arms is not very high, and your toes should fall naturally, and you should try to relax every move. In addition, it is also very important to maintain physical integrity.

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