White collar acne removing private trick in autumn (picture) white collar acne removing private trick in autumn (picture)

Cleaning is a vital way

In any anti acne process, or in any anti acne way, cleaning is a crucial way. Use lysozyme acne cleansing milk, which is oil-free and very, very mild. Don’t use products that will irritate or dry your skin. They will make your skin emit more oil.

Skin needs more moisture

The skin needs moisture. Acne removing and moisturizing essence, which is oil-free and contains acne removing ingredients, is absolutely essential. At the same time, it is necessary to apply essence 15 minutes after washing your face, so as to avoid inflammation

Various brands of acne products

Which of the various brands of acne products should you buy? It’s better to choose essence that contains natural ingredients and does not contain hormones and antibiotics, which can not only repair acne, fade acne marks, but also smooth scars. I hereby recommend the “pox fighting elf” favored by all stars.

Exfoliation can only be used on intact skin

Exfoliation can only be used on intact skin. Once there is a broken blain, it can’t be used, otherwise it will only increase the difficulty of healing the injured surface. But for the skin that has just lost scars, skin replacement can really help the skin recover flawless. At this time, you can use some repair essence with natural ingredients. The one with lysozyme factor is very good and natural.

You must put on a good coat for your skin every day

Every day, you must put on a good coat for your skin, that is, you must take sunscreen measures when you go out, do not stay in front of the computer for a long time, and use some good anti radiation and sun protection products. Only in this way can we ensure that acne does not just stay at the stage of “disappearance” on the surface.

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