5 private whitening secrets of whitening 5 private whitening secrets of whitening

1. Honey pearl powder facial mask:

Fully mix honey and pearl powder, pay attention not to pour too much honey, and mix it into a paste. Before use, first apply hot hair knots to your face, then evenly apply the adjusted facial mask on your face, wash it off after 20 minutes, and you can immediately feel that your skin becomes smooth and tender.

2. White wine brewing method:

Sweet rice wine is a kind of sweet rice wine made from steamed glutinous rice mixed with wine fermentation. Wine brewing is also called fermented glutinous rice wine. Pour the sweet wine into a clean container, even the rice. Crush the rice a little, then put the facial mask paper into the container to absorb enough wine, and apply it for eight to ten minutes. Then wash your face with the same water, and follow the normal skin care procedure.

3. Lemon juice whitening method:

Put the facial mask paper in fresh lemonade to soak it fully, then apply it on your face, and take it off in about 15-20 minutes. Or stick a fresh lemon slice directly on your face for 15-20 minutes, take it off, and wash your face. Once a day, seven days is a course of treatment, which plays a very good role in whitening and astringent pores. Long term adherence can delay skin aging.

4. Vinegar egg whitening:

Take a fresh egg, wash it, wipe it dry, add 500ml of high-quality vinegar and soak it for one month. When the egg shell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Take it after stirring, one cup a day. Taking vinegar egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all black spots on the face

5. Cucumber whitening method:

When you want to sleep, put cucumber slices on your face and take them off in a few minutes. Your face will be white and tender in a month.

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