Are the urban men and women of the no desire group suffering from kidney deficiency

The elder always warned me that if you have any desire, you will suffer. If you don’t have any desire, you will be just. Have you become idle clouds and wild cranes because you have explored the world of mortals; It was still in the era of weakness that he was infected with the spirit of kidney deficiency and could not get up to everything; Or you may be discouraged by setbacks.

Originally, when I was young, my internal desire was ready to move. There were too many things I wanted and countless mysteries waiting to be solved. But in them, the desire stopped.

sterile family

Symptoms: generation unwilling to bear children. He is an outstanding contributor to controlling the country’s population growth. I don’t have much resonance with children. I like the world of two people and enjoy the love of my lover alone; Or live alone and be at ease. In their minds, they will always be a child. To love themselves is to love children.

Cause: social pressure is increasing, and the cost of raising a child is soaring. If it is not for the sake of racial reproduction, why do we have to have a child in this world? At the same time, the labor of carrying a baby in October, giving birth once, keeping fit, and raising adults has become an unbearable burden for the already fragile urban people.

Treatment: if you really want to have children, it’s better to follow the order of starting a career first, then starting a family and having children. Only by establishing a solid economic foundation can our descendants enjoy a better living environment and education level. On the contrary, it not only increases the pressure of one’s own life, but also allows young people to feel the hardships of life early. Why?

desperate love family

Symptom: in the age of love flooding, everyone is falling in love with a person quickly and then leaving in a hurry. Love is branded with a shelf life, but they are looking for eternity. Jueyou, a group of vagrants on the edge of love, are extremely narcissistic animals. In front of love, they either evade, refuse, ride on a fence, or become insensitive. Watching the people around him crawl and roll in the love field, holding his shoulders and watching coldly; Watching other people’s love gather and fall, I think it’s all gone.

Cause of formation: they have suffered from love, have sensitive and fragile nerves, and the wind and grass in the love field always make their hearts bear a greater load. I have been happy, painful, laughing and crying. Finally, the hero broke his arm and withdrew.

Treatment: in this era, eternal love is a kind of good wish just like world peace. Don’t be a perfectionist in love. There is no need to be difficult for yourself in life. As long as you really pay, even if there is no result, the process is also life’s happiness.

Muggle people

Symptoms: avoid the real life and pay attention to the inner world. Enrich the dullness of real life with the color of inner world. They have super rich imagination and like to construct a virtual world with language, words and paintings. They are intoxicated in this world and can’t extricate themselves. They are a group of small children who live in their own world. They have no interest in the outside world, in real life communication and entertainment. They are obviously out of tune with the secular world, as if they come from another world.

Cause of formation: when we were young, everyone was a spiritual home. When we grew up, we became more and more distant and forgotten when we became realistic. But they are a group of idealists who cling to the beauty of childhood. Even if they grow up, they will build a stage for children in the world of adults.

Treatment: Muggle people are a group of lovely and simple people. However, being too simple makes them unable to adapt to the complexity of society, and they are likely to suffer more injuries and setbacks in reality. We can consider participating in more social activities and contacting more people, which can increase social experience on the one hand and bring more inspiration to creation on the other.

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