Six ambiguous feelings between urban men and women

Boyfriend girlfriend? It’s hard to say; My lover is gay? Yes, it is not; brothers and sisters? It can also be said that… In fact, even they themselves are not so clear about their relationship. It seems that he can’t live without her and she can’t live without him, but in fact, each has its own sunshine, air and moisture

one of the ambiguous relationships: brother and sister (sister and brother)

Ambiguous index: * * * * innocence index:***

Signboard slogan: “so and so is my brother, we are relatives.” “She is 10 years younger than me, little sister…”

Classic lens:

1. At noon every day, a young woman would appear at the front desk of his company, smiling and carrying several lunch boxes, saying, “brother… How about the fried rice with eggs I made today?” Then I watched him eat with a smile, and then I helped him clean up. I didn’t forget to carefully wipe the rice grains off his chin. He said painfully, “I don’t know what’s going on in your brain!”

2. At the party, there were so many beautiful women around him, and the brothers teased each other. It’s not strange to see so many tofu eating things. However, someone told her dirty jokes, which made her blush. He immediately stood on her head and taught her a lesson: “don’t bully her. She’s my sister.”

3. She wears fashionable clothes, but a young man often appears around her, calling her sister sweetly. In fact, they are not related by blood. When crossing the street, she would hold his hand tightly, and when eating, she would specially send him chopsticks. Many men who pursue her are easy to suffer from her eyes. Only this little “brother” sometimes protects his “sister” like an adult, and sometimes becomes a little naughty who makes his “sister” cry and laugh.

relationship dialysis:

For “brother”, the meaning of little sister’s existence is to make him have the desire to protect her. When male heroism needs to pour out, when he feels helpless and lonely, the ingenuity and weakness of “little sister” often make him feel more comfortable than general tenderness and consideration, and her worship of him makes him feel particularly confident, which just satisfies a certain spiritual conquest desire of men. For “sister”, what she wants is very simple – to be loved and protected.

For “sister”, before she has a perfect boyfriend, “brother” is a very considerate little follower. He has the dual benefits of men and boys. He will not deliberately quarrel with her. When she is in trouble, he will not betray his oath. When her maternal nature is revealed, he has become a lovely and innocent “little thing”. For the “younger brother”, the “elder sister” is often a woman who is trustworthy and full of feminine charm.

potential crisis:

In real life, most “kinship” relationships are often difficult to evolve into real love relationships. In such relationships between men and women, there are more elements of compassion and love, less common language, let alone comparable experience. Moreover, the feelings of “younger brothers and sisters” towards “older brothers and sisters” are often more heavy and complex, and it is easy to fall into them. Once “ambiguity” is excessive and “older brothers and sisters” have lovers, “younger brothers and sisters” will inevitably become stumbling blocks.

the second ambiguous relationship: red and blue

Ambiguous index: ***** innocence index:*

Signboard slogan: “a woman’s heart and body can be separated. Between us, it is a pure word.” “There is no pure friendship between men and women? It’s only because you haven’t found a confidant.” “He is my soul mate. We know each other but never possess.”

Classic lens:

1. Every time he quarreled with his wife, he would rush out of the door and run to her house to cry. After that, he would say: “why is it that the person I love is not you? Why can’t my wife be as considerate as you?” She replied, “if your wife can do what I do, she will not be your wife.”

2. After being criticized by her boss, she couldn’t figure it out. Her girlfriend refused to ask her to go shopping for relaxation. She insisted on calling him to complain bitterly. He gave her an analysis of the case, analyzed the truth of life, and told her that she was cheerful again. When she met with some major choices, she would also consult him, and she felt that she had a common language. She said, “my boyfriend knows my body best, and you know my heart best.”

relationship dialysis:

When they are depressed, when they meet various life problems, they become fish that “help each other” and swim on their own once the sea returns to the tide. Even if both parties have lovers, some private conversations and confidants will only be told to “hongyanlanyan”. To some extent, this kind of relationship between men and women mostly stays in the spiritual level of love. In other words, compared with the relationship between lovers, they only lack physical communication.

potential crisis:

Even the most innocent confidant, once one of the lovers is not open and sensible, it is easy to be misunderstood as a third party; Second, after all, it is a man and a woman. Once they “drink less than a thousand cups of confidants”, they will inevitably “undress” if they are too affectionate. Once the last line of defense is broken, this “confidant” relationship will be difficult to continue.

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