Hidden marriage: n reasons for hidden marriage

a forced by work, none Nai hidden marriage

Liu Yi is a self-employed person. After resigning from the school, she began to run the grass roughcast business. At the end of the 1990s, there were not many people like her who operated grass Adobe on such a large scale. Therefore, with her intelligence, flexibility and the help of friends, the business was still very prosperous. For a while, she became a role model among relatives and friends. One after another, Mr. Liu called her softly. Even her parents, who had always snubbed her and regarded her brother as the apple of their eyes, began to be attentive to her. It was very hard for people to do grass Adobe business. They were exposed to the sun and rain, but the benefits were quite rich. Soon, Liu Yi bought a new house and a car for herself and her family. After several years of business, Liu Yi has become more capable and mature, but she has never talked about marriage in her thirties. Liu Yi inherited the advantages of her parents in appearance. She was beautiful and charming, with a slender and symmetrical figure. Her boyfriends changed one after another, but the marriage was never settled. Finally, at the age of 31, she made a lifelong agreement with Mr. Zhou, the company’s long-term legal adviser. However, the two just registered and did not hold a wedding at all. The company did not even distribute wedding candies, so few people knew that they were married. Liu Yi is also forced to do this because of helplessness. After all, marriage is a major event in life. Who doesn’t want a decent and lively wedding? But Liu Yi can’t.

Since the establishment of the company, Liu Yi has taken over all the external business. This is a male dominated field, and it is not easy for women to take a share here, but the single status has provided Liu Yi with many conveniences. Gender charm and advantages, coupled with men’s unique pity for women, make her feel like a fish in water here, and her career can develop smoothly. In the company, they seem to be the relationship between the general manager and senior staff; Only at home, in the world that belongs to them, can Liu Yi put down her airs and snuggle up to her husband, enjoying the satisfaction and pleasure of being a wife. It was not until she was 36 years old that Liu Yi slowly moved from the front to the back of the company that she finally organized a grand wedding for herself.

b chicken ribs self release in marriage – choose hidden marriage

Nizi is 28 years old this year and has only been single for one year. When she first became a wife, Nizi was also happy. She was also very satisfied that she was a satisfied little lady, and she didn’t mind other people’s opinions. But gradually, fewer and fewer people, especially the opposite sex, came to chat with Nizi. Because they look at Nizi again, she is no longer a cute little girl, but a housewife who does laundry and cooks. Although Nizi is only 28 years old, she is no longer young in their eyes. This judgment of men does not come from their actual age, but from their psychological judgment.

When the company engaged in party, Nizi, who had always been the queen of the dance party, suddenly became “neglected”. Even if several die-hard friends danced with her, the posture was becoming more and more standard and the distance was getting farther and farther. Instead of being familiar and casual in the past, she was a little more restrained and embarrassed. In the past, when Nicole played her temper, her brothers would unconditionally surrender. Now they only look at her with different eyes. Everything has changed, and she is not depressed. Is it because she is married now? Think about it, too. The interaction between singles will be more direct and simple.

Being single is of great benefit. You can complain about annoying work, annoying customers, not sleeping well at night, and getting up too early in the morning. There will always be someone who cares about her to comfort you; Even if you lose your temper, it’s only a privilege for single women, even if it’s a little unreasonable. But if you are married and complain about these again, it will only make people think that you have a problem with your vision. How can you choose an incompetent husband and let you carry it outside? Besides, you’re asking for it yourself. Who can help someone else’s wife? That’s your husband’s job. A man can help a single woman to ease her worries, but it is not easy to help a married woman. There is a psychological obstacle: help you and help your husband – why should I help an unrelated man?

With the “painful” lesson, Nizi began to realize the importance of single identity, which made her decide to hide her married identity. When Nizi changed jobs, she put away her wedding ring, and in the following days, she confidently lost her temper as a young lady and enjoyed her second spring, even though she was already a “fake young lady”

C hidden marriage for interpersonal relationship

Li Qing is a girl from the north. She is beautiful, frank and enthusiastic. After work, she often eats and plays with her colleagues and friends. Don’t think she’s still a single girl without any worries. In fact, she has been married for two years. When she first came to the company, she was still single, and the habit of partying was also formed at that time. There is a hidden rule in this kind of party, that is, married women are not invited, because no one wants to have a sudden departure at the climax of the game, or there are incessant harassment calls, and they should always report their traces. In fact, at the beginning, Li Qing did not intend to hide that she and her husband were both trendy men and women who were at the forefront of the times, and she did not think that after marriage, they should bear the constraint of being a “good wife” or a “stay at home gentleman”, but others did not think so. There was a little sister who had been playing very well. After she got married, she also participated in such parties, but several times she failed everyone. The reason is very simple. Every time she goes out with her colleagues, eats or goes to a bar, some talkative people remind her from time to time: “don’t you go home to have dinner with your husband today? Yo, let your husband stay in an empty room…” as a result, the sisters at the party are uncomfortable. It seems that they have done something wrong, and they always feel insecure. They can only end up early and disperse. At this time, even if you explain again, it will not help, because everyone’s mood is no longer on the point. With a lesson from the past, Li Qing made up her mind to be a “hidden marriage family”. Although there was a suspicion of “cheating”, white lies were better than wiping out the interest of others and herself.

In the eyes of the single carefree, a married woman no longer belongs to her, but is a synonym for her family. Asking her around is tantamount to asking her family around. Li Qing is very frank about her hidden marriage. She thinks that feelings are two people’s business, as long as they are tacit, there is no need to let too many people know. Unmarried women always have different views on married women. The reasons for this difference are very complex. Therefore, she does not want to embarrass her harmonious colleagues because of her married status.

d marriage is personal privacy

If we say that many independent, independent and self-improvement white-collar workers are forced to appear as “single”. Then, there is also a “hidden marriage” mentality that has nothing to do with the workplace, that is, thinking that marriage is personal privacy and it is unnecessary to make it public. “I have never denied the fact that I am married, but I will not mention it intentionally.” This is the sentence that the reporter heard most during the interview.

Xiao Mei got married two years ago. Because of her work, she never put on a banquet. Except for very close friends, most people who have business contacts or casual friends do not know about marriage. She felt that there was no need to deliberately publicize her marriage. “Besides, marriage is personal privacy.”

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