Is it useful to lean for 10 minutes

Many people attach great importance to losing weight. The reason is that they know that losing weight can make their life better. Obesity even affects the choice and mood of shopping for clothes. Especially in summer, people are more concerned about losing weight. This has a lot to do with the season. Summer clothes are less and thinner, and the meat on the body can’t be hidden. Therefore, the craze for losing weight is the most popular one day when spring approaches summer. In fact, when it comes to losing weight, it is generally accepted that it is very difficult. In fact, it is not so difficult if we can take action. For example, it is good to practice slimming exercises for 10 minutes every day.

That is to say, weight loss and exercise are inseparable. I recommend several actions of slimming exercises. Each group exercises slimming exercises for 10 minutes every day, and practice multiple groups every day. In this way, you can see obvious results in about two or three months. How to do it? You can try to practice these actions:

Flying upright on one leg can help to reduce back, shoulder and hip fat, and exercise the muscles of quadriceps femoris. This action is suitable for all weight loss, even for pregnant women. Stand straight, with your legs separated from each other by the same width as your shoulders, and your waist slightly bent forward. Then, lift your hands on both sides, extend your left leg backward, and tilt your hips forward. At this time, put your arms in front of your chest to stretch your hips. During the whole process, the arms should be extended back and forth in such a way as to move forward to both sides. This action should be exercised in three groups each time, 10-15 for each group.

Lying on your back and lifting your legs, this action helps lift your hips, slim your legs, and reduce your abdomen. Lay your body flat on the mat, put your hands on both sides of your body, and then lift your legs up. Use the strength of your waist to support your hips off the ground. If you want this action to work, you must repeat it for about 10 times each time, and practice it every day.

For hip lifting movement, the body lies flat on the mat, the hands are placed on both sides of the body, the knees are slightly bent, the feet are on the ground, and the hips are lifted, that is, the whole body is supported by the strength of the shoulders and feet. Do it slowly and repeatedly for about ten times.

The actions recommended in the above contents are very simple to do, but as long as you can practice them repeatedly, each group of slimming exercises will lose 10 minutes, and do more groups. I believe it will have weight loss effect after practice. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do these actions, so you can do some exercises every night before going to bed. It is not only helpful to lose weight, but also helpful to improve the quality of sleep. It is a very good exercise method.

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