The tangled marriage road of white-collar workers

No house, no car, no deposit, no honeymoon, only one heart, facing all kinds of life and work pressure, do you dare to marry naked?

On, where white-collar workers gather, the reporter found that “naked marriage” has become a hot topic among netizens these days. A vote initiated by netizens on “the hard truth told by naked marriage times” attracted tens of thousands of white-collar workers to participate in the vote spontaneously in just a few days. After analyzing the views and voting results of happy netizens, the author divided white-collar workers into pro naked marriage school, pro naked marriage school and pro naked marriage school according to the views of netizens

The anti naked marriage faction and the new investment faction are explained by readers one by one.

Pro naked wedding sect:

Chinese tradition is to start a family before starting a career. Our parents almost all married naked, but now most of them have a stable and warm family. If our parents can do this, we can also gradually save our houses and cars while harvesting our love and marriage. A kaixinwang netizen said that now it is generally 22-23 years old to finish college and 24-25 years old for graduate students. The down payment of a house in Beijing is calculated at 500000 yuan. If you earn 100000 yuan a year and save 50000 yuan a year, it will take about 10 years to pay the down payment. For white-collar workers who start from scratch, if they chase for a house and a car before they get married, it is definitely a “Saint”. Does not naked marriage force us to “gnaw on the old”?

“I have no car, no money, no house, no diamond ring, but I have a heart to accompany you to old age”. As Liu Yiyang said in the film, 26% of netizens who participated in the voting agreed that “some women will abandon their houses, cars, money and diamond rings because you love them enough”.

anti naked marriage sect:

In the TV series, Tong Jiaqian and Liu Yiyang went through many difficulties and got married naked. But in the face of financial difficulties, the contradictions between their families were still divorced? At first, the young couple who were obsessed with love were separated by real life, which is not in line with the old saying that “poor and humble couples are always sad”. In the vote of, as many as 82% of netizens agreed that “marriage is not a matter for two people, but a matter for two families”. The pressure of public opinion from mothers and relatives of both sides is also unbearable. In addition, 61% of netizens agreed that “if you don’t have the ability to support your family, don’t talk about ideals. Milk powder is the key”.

new investors:

Don’t rush to buy a house or a car, but use the money for investment and career development. In those days, Buffett, the God of stocks, also married naked and used his money for investment rather than buying a house. If he was born in China now, if he is tired of life, it is likely that a generation of stock gods will disappear. Today’s society is much more tolerant than in the past, and everyone can have different pursuits. For excellent white-collar workers, there are many opportunities to go abroad and transfer during their career development. It is not worth losing these opportunities because of the shackles of housing and cars.

From naked marriage, we can actually see the multiple pressures on white-collar workers. The failure of naked marriage seems to be related to the lack of a house and a car and a lack of material foundation. However, the deep reason for the failure of naked marriage is still a lack of understanding of oneself, such as not knowing what kind of life he pursues, whether he can bear external pressure, lack of preparation for skillfully handling various family chores, and lack of love and tolerance between husband and wife.

White collar workers eventually want to marry a man, get married and have children. Without a house and a car, they may not get a happy marriage. In the era of naked marriage, money can be earned slowly. Those who don’t have a house rent a house, and those who don’t have a car squeeze the bus. It really doesn’t make a big difference whether you get married naked or not by understanding your own needs, mastering yourself, not prematurely seeking the perfection of your material life, learning the wisdom of life, and treating family life with a positive attitude to life.

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