The harm of drooling in sleep is so great!

Drooling when sleeping is not a phenomenon that most people pay attention to at all, but in healthy conditions, when we go to sleep, we will not drool!

Then why are we still awakened by the saliva on half of our faces!

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, saliva represents the spleen. Once a person loses Qi and blood, the spleen function weakens, he will lose control of saliva, and he will wake up at night. He will feel chilly on his face. If he wipes it with his hand, it will be full of saliva.

Accompanied by spleen deficiency, there are other symptoms, such as yellowing, depression, and mental depression. In addition, these people often have shortness of breath and lack of appetite.

This is because the spleen is an organ responsible for converting the food we eat into nutrition. Once its function weakens, the whole body can not get nutrition.

In addition to the above reasons, poor sleeping posture or tooth deformity, and inadequate oral cleaning can all cause it.

Xiaobian specially made a classification for everyone. Those who can wash their faces with saliva at night can try to fit in~

There are several reasons why adults drool when sleeping:

1. Stroke aura

When you suddenly drool when you sleep, and when you wake up, your mouth is crooked or you have a headache, I remember that it may be a stroke.

2. arteriosclerosis

It will starve the brain of oxygen, resulting in the loss of elasticity of facial muscles.

3. Excessive brain use

Excessive use of the brain will cause the brain to often send out wrong signals, resulting in drool on half of the face.

4. facial neuritis

After people catch a cold, they will have symptoms such as closed eyes and crooked mouth.

5. Oral inflammation

When the mouth inflammation is replaced, people’s saliva also increases, resulting in drooling in sleep.

Oral inflammation can promote saliva secretion, cause oral pain and cause drooling. In general, after the inflammation is eliminated by treatment, the drooling phenomenon will disappear by itself.

So don’t think drooling in sleep is a small matter, it can be small or large, and it is closely related to people’s health! I hope you don’t wake up again. Your face is cold and cool!

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