How to warm up before playing football

As a team sport, football is deeply loved by young people. However, it should be noted that warm-up exercises should be done before playing football, otherwise it is easy to be injured. How do you warm up before playing football?

1. Muscle relaxation

At the beginning, you can shake all the joints of your limbs, gradually relax your muscles, improve your fitness and release the pressure. Just pay attention to controlling the time.

2. Lift your legs high

For the high leg lifting exercise, zhiyaoyao can do about two groups, 20 in each group. The main purpose is to move both legs and stretch the joint ligaments.

3. Twist the waist

It is very important to twist the waist. The waist is an important hinge of the human body. You must warm up well, otherwise you will flash your waist carelessly and affect the next movement.

4. Kick with 50% strength

This training is to stretch the hamstring muscles (a series of muscle groups on the back of the thigh) because they haven’t entered the temperature of exercise, so they can’t kick with all their strength.

5. Walking on tiptoe & walking on heels

This exercise is to stretch the ankle and improve the temperature of the calf muscles

6. Practice with ball

After the above three steps are completed, the players take the ball and pass it between them. The distance of passing the ball is from near to far.

7. Confrontation practice

Between the main force and the substitute in the area of 30 times 40, some confrontation exercises with the ball are carried out, with the purpose of adapting to the rhythm of the game and mastering our attack routines to a certain extent.

8. Shooting practice

If the example of our side is very strong and the strength of the other side is very different, the last item of the warm-up can be arranged for the players to shoot in front of the restricted area.

9. Turn the ankle

Warm up not only needs to wake up the feeling of the game, but also the feeling of football! Through ball contact, it can quickly adapt to the site, temperature changes, ball hardness and so on.

Generally, there are two types of no ball warm-up before the game, one is dynamic warm-up and the other is static stretching. Static stretching is more effective for relaxing muscles and alleviating muscle soreness after competitions, while dynamic warm-up is more suitable for improving heart rate, muscle temperature, softness and reaction ability to stimuli in a short time if you want to quickly get your body into competitive state.

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