Top 10 most ambiguous relationships between men and women

I. masseuses and customers

“He is 176 and 174102 and 100kg tall, with long hair. His skin is fair, and his figure is needless to say. Double flying: 600 times. You can enjoy it to the extreme! Many people can enjoy it!” “Senior male masseurs provide professional essential oil full body massage services for female customers”, which is a massage advertisement that can be seen everywhere on the Internet. Almost all of them are services of the opposite sex – female masseurs serve male customers, and male masseurs serve women. It is difficult to think about the effectiveness of them.

At least in terms of the name, “massage” provides a more decent cover and an excuse for naked pornographic services. In addition, there are indeed some regular massage businesses, so there are more massage rooms and bath centers than bars. It is said that a good masseuse is a good teaser. Besides, massage is basically a direct skin dating service. I’m afraid only ghosts believe the “sit and talk” nonsense.

II. Private doctors and patients

Of course, this is a completely different story from that when you get a viral cold and go to the hospital to get penicillin, you meet a beautiful nurse sister. As soon as “private” is used as the attribute, the meaning of everything must be extraordinary. For example, private lawyers and consultants are likely to be associated with collusion. And once this relationship has both gender meanings, it is easier to develop into a story that the erotic pages of street tabloids are passionate about. What’s more, those who can afford to hire a private doctor can definitely afford other money – for example, asking “doctors” to do some extra work.

A conscientious doctor and a qualified and caring doctor are considerate caregivers themselves. This role makes it difficult for them to maintain the distance between themselves and the “patient” in the doctor-patient relationship. When things develop to a certain extent, they will see their own diseases and their own heart diseases together, which means that they will push the boat forward with the current and the melons will be ripe.

The most famous models of this kind of relationship are the famous teacher Zhao Zhongxiang and the later famous doctor Rao Ying.

III. flight attendants and passengers

We should thank all kinds of civil aviation schools for training a group of graceful and graceful beauties in advance for those rich and dignified men, not to mention that their reputation and status are very respectable, which greatly satisfies the vanity and self-esteem of those rich men – after all, it is definitely more dignified to hang out with a flight attendant than a bar girl, although they belong to the service industry macroscopically from the nature of their work.

Of course, from the deep psychological level, at an altitude of about 10000 meters above the ground, especially during long-distance travel, everyone will feel lonely; From the perspective of crowd structure, at least at present, aircraft is still the preferred means of transportation for the rich, which inherently creates a natural environment of wealth and beauty. In the 1990s, Chinese male footballers who suddenly became rich suddenly became “flight attendant fans” collectively. It became a trend in the football circle to find a flight attendant to be their wife. Almost all the most famous players in that era became “flight attendant husbands”. Li Qian and Li longyi, the former and former wives of Fan Zhiyi, were all flight attendants. The wives of Li Bing, Hao Haidong and Ma Mingyu were all butterflies flying in the sky.

IV. hairdressers and female customers

Imagine giving your weakest and deadliest throat to a person you may not know, letting his hand hold the sharp blade of blowing hair and breaking hair to swim around, and the razor was deliberately brushing on the blade cloth before he got started. What a touching and high trust without reason and principle! I’m afraid I can’t find a second such partner in all the business relationships in today’s society. So I always think that I have a very understanding attitude towards the story between a woman with leisure and money and a young and handsome hairdresser.

Most of those fancy men are as puffy as orchids, and their delicate fingers are as soft as bones. They pass over their faces and bodies either lightly or heavily, intentionally or unintentionally, which makes the lonely apricots who may have a desire to hunt for beauty and play with fire itch from their skin to their bone marrow. It is where their hair is lifted up, but when their heart waves are slight, it is difficult to think of the wall.

v. female secretary and male boss

The title “Xiaomi” sounds rather old-fashioned now, but from the perspective of historical materialism, this historical term is definitely a symbolic title for Chinese society to open up. This is the first game played by the first affluent people in the trend of sexual openness. The reason why this relationship is no longer as sensitive and eye-catching as it was a few years ago is not that it is outdated, but that it has been submerged by other new relationships with the same nature but different names.

Everyone in the world knows that legal wives are very sensitive and alert to their husbands’ female secretaries. In the eyes of many people, “female secretaries” are almost synonymous with “mistresses” and “waishi”. Therefore, the man who still flirts with the female secretary is probably the most clumsy and responsible man. The times are developing and the society is making progress. The appearance and retreat of Xiaomi can also be regarded as keeping pace with the times.

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