Inventory of the top 10 ambiguous secrets between men and women

1. Men take the initiative to help women in public

Men take the initiative to help women, which can be said to be acquaintances or strangers, but men have a tendency to please.

2. Men often buy breakfast for women, not to be courteous.

Men often buy breakfast for women, but women never buy breakfast for men, so the relationship between men and women is no longer just an acquaintance. If men are not the younger generation or younger generation of women, it is certain that there will be another invisible thing balancing this behavior. For example, men and women have an ambiguous relationship, and in this relationship, men are active, while women are the psychologically dominant side.

3. Men and women often stay together, but the fashion of acquaintances is bland

Such a situation must indicate that men and women have been lovers, and they will not be normal lovers, but extramarital affairs and so on. Because if it is a friend, there is no need to avoid people. If it is a normal couple, there is no need to pretend to be strange. Only those who have an extramarital affair can’t control seeing each other often, but if they meet other acquaintances, they should find reasons. If they meet outsiders, they should pretend that their relationship is very flat. Even if this is deceiving. Some men and women will not avoid it on certain occasions, such as in front of a few very iron friends.

4. Men and women are not husband and wife, but they often get angry

Both men and women are angry and ignore each other. This not only shows that the relationship between men and women is more in-depth, but also shows that there has been a long emotional relationship between men and women. At the beginning of emotion, men and women generally don’t often get angry. Both sides will care about each other’s feelings. But when the emotion has a certain depth, one party will pay more to the other, and will also have more demands and demands, which will provide more capital for gambling. When the emotion becomes “chicken ribs”, it is easier to get angry.

5. Women can easily say “man” in public with a tone of lesson

If a woman and a man are not husband and wife, nor other relatives, but in public, a woman can casually say a lesson to a man, and a man shows amazing generosity, at most impatient. That must mean that the man and the woman have already gone to bed for some purpose. And going to bed is purposeful. If a man is still a woman’s direct supervisor, a woman can reprimand her supervisor in turn. It must be that a man messed up the superior subordinate relationship in bed and made some promises that should not be made.

6. Women speak ill of men behind their backs , and it is about sex

Women speak ill of men behind their backs, and it involves sexual privacy. That means that a man has an affair with a woman, or what a man has done to a woman. Or had an ambiguous relationship, but now the relationship has deteriorated.

7. Women and men are big generous and go together and show closer

If there is no kinship between men and women, in this case, the relationship between women and men is clear, and at most it is the relationship between men and women. Especially when men and women enjoy each other and speculate on each other but have not really started their emotional journey, they seem to be very intimate, but they will get along generously. In addition to normal couples, men and women will show a tendency to get together before they meet each other. When they really stick together, they will take the initiative to separate in public.

8. Women invite men to dinner

When a woman invites a man to dinner, she either owes him, appreciates him, or asks for him. If there are all the above reasons, it is more likely. If a woman invites a man to dinner, but she is very polite, or always wants to please, it must be asking for help. When a man and a woman have no sexual relationship, a woman may invite a man to dinner for other reasons, but after a woman and a man have slept and developed feelings, a woman may cook for a man at home, and most of the guests outside will be men.

9. Women and men walk one behind the other at a distance

We think that if we do this twice a time, maybe we will not bring these two people together. But this way of going back and forth has been repeated many times. It also shows that the relationship between men and women is special, and it is the reason to guard against acquaintances.

10. Men give women roses in front of people

Perhaps, some people will think that this must be between husband and wife. In fact, it is not necessarily so. It is very likely that men and women are open lovers. It is rare for a husband and wife to send flowers to each other. When a man begins to pursue a woman, it is very likely. But after marriage, the chances are much less. Unless a man thinks he owes a woman too much, he will think of sending flowers. But for lovers, sending flowers is a kind of flattery and very cheap.

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