What are the good ways to whiten the whole body? Recommend 6 effective whole-body whitening methods

For women who love beauty, no one wants their skin to be black. Some women even sunscreen their bodies all day long to prevent their faces and bodies from getting dark. They want to use all kinds of whitening methods. So what are the good ways to whiten their whole bodies? Next, experts will recommend six full-body whitening methods for you. Let’s take a specific look at them. The six most common whitening methods are: 1. Milk Shower method material: appropriate amount of milk.

How to do it: put 1 liter of fresh milk into the bath water, and soak it for 30 minutes after washing the body.

Function: it can whiten the whole body and remove aged horniness.

2、 Lemon slice bath method material: appropriate amount of lemon.

How to do it: first put very hot bath water into the bath, and then add several slices of cut lemon slices to the bath.

When the bath water is cooled to the appropriate temperature, take a bath and soak for 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Long term use can achieve the effect of whitening the whole body.

Function: it can eliminate fatigue and whiten the whole body.

3、 Vegetable whole body whitening method material: half a bowl of mung bean powder + Cucumber and celery.

How to do it: mix mung bean powder with warm water, wash cucumber and celery, and beat into juice.

After all mixing, apply all over the body and wash after 30 minutes.

Function: it can help exfoliate the skin, make the body emit tender natural light, and help whiten the whole body.

4、 Essential oil whole body whitening method materials: appropriate amount of crude salt, lemon essential oil and base oil.

Method: first take an appropriate amount of crude salt, then take an appropriate amount of lemon oil and base oil.

And mix the three together, and add them to the bath water to take a bath when taking a bath.

Function: use it to exfoliate the whole body when taking a bath, so as to restore the whiteness of the skin.

5、 Egg milk honey skin tightening materials: milk powder, eggs, honey.

Method: first beat five eggs into egg liquid with chopsticks, then add 50g milk powder and 50ml honey, and stir the milk powder, honey and eggs together.

When using, evenly coat the whole body with egg milk honey body film.

Massage at the same time when applying, press and rub the skin with the palm and finger pulp, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells. After massage, you can also tap the body with both hands, so that skin cells can absorb moisture and nutrients more effectively.

Wash with warm water after 30 minutes.

Efficacy: the egg milk honey body film can mild the skin, promote the growth of new skin cells, make the skin absorb moisture more effectively, become more elastic, moisturize and shiny, and whiten the skin.

6、 Olive oil milk materials: fresh milk (50ml), olive oil (4-5 drops), flour (appropriate amount).

Preparation method: add 4-5 drops of olive oil to fresh milk, and then add an appropriate amount of flour.

Mix evenly the application surface or body, keep it for 20 minutes, and then wash it with clean water.

Efficacy: after long-term use, it can increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin, and make the skin fresh, smooth, delicate and white.

If the body is black and the color difference is obvious, it is also very embarrassing. If you want to whiten the whole body, you may as well use the methods described above to whiten the body. If you persist in these methods for a long time, you can whiten the body. At the same time, women should pay attention to sunscreen on their body every day. Try the above methods as soon as possible.

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