Health tips: rub your palms together to prevent colds

When catching a cold, the palmar surface of the patient’s hands should be close to each other, rubbing back and forth until the palmar skin is red and hot, and then pressing the thenar of both hands against both sides of the nasal wing. After the palm temperature drops, rub it back and forth again. After this cycle for 10 to 15 times, the patient will consciously sweat slightly, and the symptoms of the first cold can be alleviated or disappeared. To consolidate the curative effect, drink a cup of hot water before going to bed at night, and then repeat the above method. If the patient is usually weak, do it twice the next morning and evening to avoid repetition. Treat patients with severe colds until they recover from colds.

It is said in the book of Confucian family affairs that massage has the effect of sweating and relieving the exterior. Rubbing hands together can stimulate the key points of the three yin meridians on both sides of the hands. These points not only have the functions of dispersing the lungs and relieving the exterior, clearing the lungs and throat, dispersing wind and unblocking collaterals, but also have the function of calming the mind and nourishing the heart. A good rest can enhance the body’s immunity; At the same time, the back and forth friction of both hands can convert mechanical energy into thermal energy and stick it to both sides of the nasal wing. Local capillaries expand, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, improve tissue cell activity and enhance disease resistance.

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