Are women’s intuition really reliable

Women are like cats. Sensitive as a cat, mysterious as a cat, full of charming temptation and charm. I’m born with an intuition, which is unpredictable. When she encounters any situation that requires a choice, the first person to jump out to help her do the multiple-choice question must be the invisible intuition.

An interesting saying is that neurophysiologists point out that even if women do small movements such as turning their thumbs, their neural activities are distributed in a larger area of the brain than men. When a man uses his brain, he activates nerve cells in a specific area of the brain. And the female brain cells are excited in all directions, forming countless exciting spots. In other words, there is a special connection between the two hemispheres of the female brain, which may not exist in the male brain. Some people call this characteristic of women “emotional intelligence form”, while others call it “women’s intuition”. We can call this intuition the sixth sense, which is a companion for women throughout their lives. Intuition leads women, but it is also a sharp double-edged sword. Sometimes, too sensitive intuition will make women feel painful and confused in front of clear feelings. It is not necessary for CSI’s investigation team to submit irrefutable evidence. That faint sixth sense is more persuasive than anything substantive, because intuition is everything in a woman’s dictionary.

If, when you encounter some very important problems, should you put intuition first, or pretend not to understand it and have a late awakening?

I want to be your angel, Emily.

In that once popular film, Emily, the heroine, quietly helped her neighbors, played tricks on people she didn’t like, pulled strings for lovers who loved each other hard to open their mouths, and even used a series of tricks to make your MrRight come to you curiously. Everyone who watched the film fell in love with this strange and kind girl. In reality, are there really such lovely girls who don’t like to boast?

Nainai, 24, is in the countdown of entering the wedding hall. Her husband to be Liang is one year older than her. He is a senior in college. The two belong to a rare “alien” from student lovers to young couples.

Nainai has a lovely baby face and looks like Zhang Nala in Korean drama. Some colleagues who don’t know where they are are still actively making arrangements for Nainai to go on a blind date, but Nai, who is confident, proudly takes out the group photo with her husband in his wallet every time, which is a commemorative photo taken on the spot when they get the certificate, and then tells the matchmaker: “sorry, I’m already someone else’s legal wife!”

Liang is a famous talent of their alma mater. He plays basketball even better. He has attracted a lot of girls. He can be regarded as a campus idol of both civil and martial arts. Even after graduation, he is also the protagonist of every classmate’s meeting. Liang and Nainai met through a mock interview. Because Liang is the chairman of the student union, he has already practiced in a large advertising company in his sophomore year, so he served as an examiner in this mock interview, and Nainai came to participate in the “interview”. The next exam is for life, and the two fell in love at first sight.

Her intuition told her that it would not be wrong to choose this tall and handsome boy.

If you ask her why she can make this campus love a success, Nainai always gives you a very relaxed smile. Her secret is to give him the most love and give himself the most space. Whenever a former female classmate invited Liang to a party, Nainai always generously agreed.

Why should I pretend to be nervous? If you put too much pressure on the other party, you will not feel well. In Nainai’s eyes, Liang’s girlfriend, who had been dating before, never became an obstacle. What’s more, they are from the same university, and they know each other’s roots and backgrounds. Therefore, if you are really worried, you can travel with ease.

Nainai always knows Liang’s favorite TV programs, the style of decorations, the attention to suits, and even the dessert he wants. Liang didn’t tell her all this, but Nainai seems to have a love radar in her heart, which can always receive what Liang longs for.

Whenever Liang went on a business trip, Nainai would always use this time to do a thorough cleaning of the home, then change into the newly bought tablecloth and curtains in the pastoral style, and insert bouquets of flowers in vases that he had never bought before. When Liang came back from a long journey and opened the door, he would always be surprised at what was in front of him. Nainai’s hands are like a magic wand, which can transform the family.

They also passed the so-called three-year itch smoothly. Because we have the same college experience, we always talk about our youth. The most exaggerated thing is that I once looked through my classmates and photos all night, and when the day was up, I was still not finished. We asked the company for leave temporarily and rushed back to the school’s hometown to revisit, visit familiar teachers, and have a big meal in the food street at the back door.

These experiences are not available to ordinary lovers, but also the greatest wealth in Liang and Nainai’s youth memories.

“You can always amaze me!”

When proposing marriage, this sentence first came out of Liang’s mouth.

“For Liang, I am Emily in that movie!”

Nana said with a smile.

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