Every day, um, I can’t come out for a long time to teach you how to detoxify your body

The most direct way to detoxify is to defecate, but now constipation seems to have become a global disease. Many people pull it once a few days or can’t pull it out after squatting for half a day. These are all manifestations of unsmooth defecation and also represent abnormalities in the body’s detoxification system. Then what shall I do? I have a few tips for smooth detoxification.

tip 1: eat more dietary fiber and drink more water

60% of stool is water, and the rest is indigestible food residues, bacteria, bile pigments and electrolytes. Eat more vegetables and fruits, high fiber food, drink more water, and your stool will become soft before you can defecate. Because dietary fiber is the main component of fecal mass in the intestine, it can increase the moisture in fecal mass, expand the volume of fecal mass, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and make defecation smooth.

At the same time, you should also eat less dry and hot food, such as pepper and barbecue, which are easy to cause insufficient water in stool and constipation.

tip 2: pay attention to meat and vegetable collocation

Many people think that vegetarian diet is conducive to defecation, but this view is wrong. Too much fat is harmful to the body, but too little or no fat is not enough. Fat can make stool soft and smooth. At the same time, fatty acids stimulate the intestines and accelerate intestinal movement. Only by adding an appropriate amount of fat to high fiber foods can the defecation situation be improved.

Nutritionists suggest that if you want to improve constipation, you should diversify your diet, combine fine and coarse foods, and match meat and vegetables. Eating fatty foods such as sesame seeds and nuts for breakfast can help soften stool and alleviate constipation.

trick 3: you can’t hold back your convenience.

Another point to pay attention to in preventing constipation is that you must not hold your breath. If you want to go up, don’t squat for a long time. Because if you often bear to defecate and refuse to discharge, your stool will have to return to the rectum or S-shaped colon, which will disturb your defecation habits.

Our large intestine is responsible for absorbing sodium and water. If the stool stays in the large intestine for too long and is not discharged, the water will be absorbed and become granular, which is more difficult to discharge. Over time, constipation is formed.

tip 4: don’t distract yourself when defecating.

Now many people have the bad habit of going to the toilet, playing with mobile phones and reading newspapers. Their attention is all used to receive information. The brain center can’t inform the intestines and anus to defecate forcefully. For a long time, this will destroy the defecation reflex and cause constipation.

39 editing tips: to prevent constipation, in addition to the above tips, you should also pay attention to the two best defecation times.

1 get up: as soon as you get up in the morning, from lying to sitting and then to standing, your brain will send a message to your large intestine to make your intestines peristaltic, and your intestines will generate a huge peristaltic wave to help you push your stool out. At this time, you don’t need to exert too much force, and your stool can be discharged smoothly. Therefore, as long as you develop a good habit of defecating in the morning, you can easily detoxify by spending only a few minutes every morning.

2 after breakfast: breakfast is the earliest meal of the day. After eating, the stomach will notify the large intestine to exercise quickly. This is also a very good time to defecate.

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