Four simple and practical ways to help you completely whiten

When it comes to whitening, everyone has his own different whitening methods. Here are some of them:

Take vitamin C

Vitamin C has whitening effect, but it is better to take vitamin C capsules or foaming vitamin C tablets, which will foam and dissolve when thrown into water, and eat them sooner or later. Because even if vitamin C is taken too much, it will be excreted in the urine and will not be stored in the body. It is OK to supplement it at night when necessary. As for vitamin C oral tablets or vitamin C soft candy, the effect is very limited.

Pearl powder whitening

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. I think white food tends to turn white after eating, such as almonds, milk, soy milk and pearl powder. There are packages of pearl powder on the market, which can be taken every morning and evening, and also has a good whitening effect. Pearl powder can also be mixed with facial mask to apply face, lipstick to protect lips and hand cream to protect hands. It is always in the forefront of my whitening magic weapon list.

Fresh milk assisted method

Fresh milk fresh milk is also my favorite drink. If I don’t drink soy milk when I get up in the morning, I will drink fresh milk. Drinking hot fresh milk before going to bed can help sleep, and drinking cold fresh milk in the morning can solve sleeping stool. And you will obviously feel that after drinking fresh milk in the morning, your physical strength will be better all day. The most important thing is that fresh milk is white. I always think that drinking fresh milk can also help whitening! But also white yogurt, I think its whitening effect is not strong, but adding green tea powder to yogurt can help defecate. It’s just that yogurt is actually full of calories.

Soy milk drinking whitening

After taking soy milk as a vegetarian, I found that soy milk can not only whiten but also replenish physical strength. If you eat less meat, or you often feel listless after getting up in the morning, you can drink a cup of hot soybean milk with a raw egg. If you are afraid of obesity, don’t add sugar. Recently, I also heard a legend that soy milk and raw eggs have the magical effect of breast enhancement!

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