How to clear intestinal waste

Full of gold is enviable, but “full of gold” makes people suffer. Light entering but not leaving, more entering and less leaving have a great impact on physical health, and can induce or aggravate hemorrhoids, anal fissure and other diseases. How to disperse “full of gold”? Today, I will teach you some reliable “uh huh tips” to clean up intestinal waste.

Medical guidance: Ge Yan, director of gastroenterology department of Guangdong Second Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Han Zongping, chief physician of anorectal Department

defecation tips

only “rough” without drinking water, constipation is more serious

60% of stool is water, and the rest is indigestible food residues, bacteria, bile pigments and electrolytes. Eat more vegetables and fruits, high fiber food, drink more water, and your stool will become soft before you can defecate. Because dietary fiber is the main component of fecal mass in the intestine, it can increase the moisture in fecal mass, expand the volume of fecal mass, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and make defecation smooth.

At the same time, you must drink enough water before dietary fiber can play the role of moistening the intestines. Otherwise, cellulose “blocks the intestine”, which will make constipation more serious.

Some people like to eat hot and dry things, such as pepper, coffee, barbecue and fried food, which is easy to “dry up the body fluid and dry up”, resulting in insufficient water in the stool and constipation.

too much or too little “oil and water” will cause constipation

If you eat too much meat, you will lack cellulose in your faeces. Because if the food taken is too fine, there will not be much residue left after it is absorbed by the small intestine. In life, some people go to the other extreme: only eating vegetarian, thinking that it is more conducive to defecation. This is wrong. Too much fat is harmful to the body, but too little or no fat is not enough.

Fat can make stool smooth and smooth. At the same time, fatty acids stimulate the intestines and accelerate intestinal movement. If fat is added to foods with high fiber in an appropriate amount, the defecation situation can be improved.

The defecation materials such as Huo Ma Ren, Yu Li Ren, peach kernel, almond and cassia seed in traditional Chinese medicine are oil-containing. Smashing the oil to release it and then boiling water to drink can alleviate constipation.

The dietary structure should be diversified, with coarse and fine grains mixed and meat and vegetable matched, and at the same time, the amount of fatty foods (milk, peanuts, sesame, walnuts, pine nuts, etc.) should be appropriately increased. Eating some fatty foods for breakfast, such as sesame seeds and nuts, can help soften stool and alleviate constipation.

hold back your “sense of defecation” and your stool will lose water and become dry

The large intestine moves three or four times a day, pushing waste from the colon to the rectum. When feces come to the rectum, the rectum expands, and stool will occur. If you often bear to defecate and refuse to discharge, your stool will have to return to the rectum or S-shaped colon, which will disturb your defecation habits.

The total length of the large intestine is about 1.5 meters. It can be said that it is as tall as a person and is responsible for absorbing sodium and water. If the stool stays in the large intestine for too long and is not discharged, the water will be absorbed and become granular, which is more difficult to discharge. Nowadays, young people are very nervous about their work and often can’t bear to defecate. Slowly, more and more water is absorbed in the bowel, and it becomes drier and drier, which makes it more and more difficult to defecate.

toilet “literate” brain does not command defecation

Many people like to play mobile phones and read newspapers while defecating, which is easy to form constipation. Because defecation is controlled by the brain, the process is that the brain notifies the center, which notifies the anus to discharge stool.

If you read the newspaper while defecating, and your brain is not focused, the center has informed your intestines and anus to defecate forcefully, but your brain has no empty tubes, and your stool will stay in your large intestine and anus. For a long time, this will destroy the defecation reflex and cause constipation.

defecation has a “time of day”

Human evolution has left behind two “golden times” for defecation: one is the “standing reflex” of getting up in the morning; The other is the “stomach colon reflex” after breakfast.

When you wake up in the morning, from lying to sitting and then to standing, the brain will send a message to the large intestine to make the intestine wriggle, and the intestine will generate a huge wriggling wave to help you push out your stool. At this time, you don’t need to exert too much force, and your stool can be discharged smoothly. You should form a good habit of squatting in the toilet for 5 minutes every morning after you get up, and persist even if you can’t pull it out.

Breakfast is the earliest meal of the day. After eating, the stomach will inform the large intestine to exercise quickly, creating another “Heaven time” for defecation.

defecation is not only a physical activity, but also a psychological activity.

When defecating, it seems that the hip muscles contract harmoniously. In fact, there are also “Psychological Plays”. Many young people’s constipation is related to their busy work, high pressure, tension and non relaxation. They accumulate day and night to form habitual constipation.

Changes in the environment can also easily lead to constipation, the essence of which is still due to mental tension. For example, the baby’s living environment has changed, such as moving and changing a nanny. However, these are temporary constipation.

lubrication of anus can assist fecal discharge

For occasional constipation and constipation of long-term bedridden people, don’t be busy taking laxatives. You can use some auxiliary defecation measures, such as Kaisai lotion and glycerin suppository to lubricate the anus and assist fecal discharge. After squeezing, let the liquid medicine stay in the intestine for at least 3-15 minutes, and let the liquid medicine soften the feces before defecation.

You can also apply some laxatives under the guidance of doctors, such as lactulose oral liquid and volumetric laxative, to relieve constipation by increasing the moisture in the intestine.

senna leaf cannot be drunk for a long time.

Irritant laxatives such as rhubarb and senna leaf can be used to treat acute constipation and clean the intestinal tract, but they are not recommended for patients with chronic constipation. This kind of herbal medicine generally has a quick effect and is effective for short-term constipation. If it is used for a long time, it will lead to reduced stress and even degeneration of nerve sensing cells in the intestinal wall. In this way, even if there is enough feces in the intestine, it can not stimulate the intestine to cause a defecation reaction, and on the contrary, it will aggravate constipation.

At present, the main ingredients of many brands of Changrun tea and Tongbian tea are rhubarb and senna leaf. Hospitals often admit patients with colitis caused by drinking such “health tea” for a long time.

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