How long can Yoga take to lose weight

1. How long can Yoga take to lose weight

If you practice yoga to lose weight, you should persist for at least 3 months before you can see the effect. Practice at least three times a week. If time permits, practice every day. Generally, the effect of early morning exercise is better, which can make the toxin in the body be discharged as soon as possible, and also reduce people’s appetite. You can also practice yoga in the afternoon, because a lot of what you eat at noon accumulates in your body. Doing proper yoga exercises will help digestion and fat burning. At night, if you have spare time, practice weight loss yoga before going to bed, because night is the time of the day when fat accumulates the most, and practicing yoga can help you lose weight.

2. Misunderstanding of yoga to lose weight

2.1. Nonstandard action

Yoga movements are different from ordinary Aerobics movements, involving breathing, meditation, stretching and other movements. If you don’t master the main points and blindly practice in the practice process, you can’t achieve the expected effect.

2.2. The warm-up is too intense

Yoga is relatively gentle compared with other sports, so it is necessary to maintain inner peace during practice. Before practice, it is also necessary to warm up properly, but the warm-up exercise should not be too intense, otherwise it will make people enter an excited state, which is not conducive to entering the meditation state required by yoga, and the final effect will not be ideal.

2.3. Too little perspiration

In the whole process of practicing yoga, people will sweat. If they don’t sweat at all, they can’t exercise at all. How can they reduce fat. Therefore, when practicing, you need to control the time and take a rest after sweating. But it should be noted that the more you sweat, the faster you lose weight.

3. Tips for yoga to lose weight

3.1 breathing

Breathing is the key point of our yoga practice. No matter what kind of yoga practice we need to pay attention to the rhythm of breathing, which will make our weight loss more effective. Take a big deep breath, and then take a few more deep breaths – do you feel relaxed now. Let’s cooperate with yoga practice to find the remaining 70% of our potential and find our simplicity and energy.

3.2 warm up

After warming up, we will find that our body has become softer. Compared with the previous rigid body, our yoga practice will be simpler and easier. Warming up “is a must before doing exercise, especially before entering yoga practice.

3.3. Relax

We often see some graceful dancers. As soon as they move their bodies, their whole bodies emit a soft, flexible and elegant body language, which attracts our eyes for a long time. That kind of gentle posture is really enviable. It’s really unbearable to have the same hands and feet and the whole body beating up and down like a wooden pile! Therefore, the key to softness is to learn to relax first, and to become a yoga beauty at the beginning, you must of course have a relaxation magic weapon

Yoga to lose weight

1. Plough type

Lie on your back, with your legs together and straight, your hands on your side, and your palms on the ground. Slowly lift up your legs so that they are perpendicular to the ground, lift your body, hold your hips with both hands, put your toes on the ground, put your hands down, and keep breathing for 3 times.

2. Sit up

Sit down, stretch your legs forward, bend your knees, stretch your hands forward, and tilt your upper body back and forth.

3. Bow

Lie on your stomach, hands on your side, palms up. Inhale, bend your knees, keep your legs close to your hips, breathe, and hold your ankles with both hands. Inhale, lift your upper body, tilt your head back, and keep breathing for 3 times.

4. Sitting position: single leg lift

Sit down, keep your back straight, your legs together, stretch forward, put your hands at the back of your body, lift your right leg, touch the tip of your right foot with your right hand forward, stay a little, change sides, and repeat.

5. Leg lift sit ups

Lie on your back with your legs together, bend your knees, lift up, your legs parallel to the ground, your fingers interlaced, put them behind your head, lift your head, and turn to both sides alternately.

6. Fish leg lift

Lie on your back, clench your fists with both hands, bend your elbows on your chest side, take your elbows as the fulcrum, lift your upper body, bring your legs together, lift them up to about 45 ° with the ground, tilt your head back, and keep breathing for 3 times.

Essential articles for yoga and weight loss

1. Yoga stretching belt

It is generally used to exercise muscle strength, stabilize posture and control stretching distance. You can choose tension belts with different elasticity according to your training needs.

2. Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is the most intimate Yoga appliance with the body when practicing yoga. When the practitioner completes a Yoga action in a reclining or sitting position, the yoga mat can achieve better results.

3. Yoga Bag

Waterproof polyester fabric design, fashionable and practical. The large body wrap design makes it easy to put yoga mat, clothing and accessories into the bag and carry them with you. Suitable for both beginners and yoga teachers.

4. Yoga ball

It is a multi-purpose Yoga assistant tool, usually used to support a certain part of the body to complete a specific yoga movement. Different from yoga brick, it does not emphasize the role of support, but is used to help balance the body.

5. Yoga antiskid socks and shoes

The soft texture is suitable for ordinary yoga. The protruding particles on the sole are designed to be smooth. When the temperature is low in autumn and winter, they can also keep the feet warm.

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