There is no way to worship money. The perfect love is that women are strong and men are weak

Men have a strong physique and leadership nature, and have always been regarded as natural strong men. And women are virtuous, gentle and gentle, and are regarded as relatively weak. Marriage is a war between men and women for the right to speak, economic power and control. Since ancient times, men have been regarded as the head of the family, playing the role of the strong, while women seem to have only the role of helping their husbands and raising their children at home.

With the emancipation of people’s minds, traditional concepts have been gradually broken. Women are not willing to be outdone in marriage, while some men can’t bear the pressure from all sides of society and shrink back. Their mentality has also undergone subtle changes. They are willing to make concessions in their career, undertake certain family responsibilities, and even be willing to be “family cooks” behind women. More than half of the people think that whoever is successful in his career should be the master, and the weaker in his career can take care of his family at the same time. A man is no longer limited to looking for a wife who can support his family, but rather wants to find a woman who can help him share the burden of raising his family.

However, many people think that such a marriage of “strong women and weak men” can not last long. However, in many families of strong women and weak men, the relationship between husband and wife can be handled quite well. Why can their feelings be long and happy? Because women are strong and men are weak is perfect love!

there is no way to worship money

Property plays an extremely important role in people’s social life. With property, people can have status and power… Therefore, many people fall under the pomegranate skirt of money and become gold worshippers, especially gold worshippers.

If you ask female college students today, they generally think that it is easier to marry a good husband than to find a good job, and life will be more comfortable. Therefore, they only want to pass in school and will not strive for perfection. Instead, they will spend most of their time in clothes and make themselves a beauty among the people and attract many eyes. There are also many girls who do not hesitate to become the lover or junior of the rich to sell their body and soul for money.

Although everyone has a love of beauty, such money worshippers can only become lovers or junior girls, and they will never become the wives of rich people, because what men need is not a beautiful woman who can only squander his wealth, but a woman who can support himself or even his family and can help himself in his career. Even if a few money worshippers are lucky enough to become the wives of the rich, their marriage life will not be happy, and it will be more difficult to last.

door to door pair

Many people say that matching families is the rule of the older generation, which is no longer applicable now. In fact, the reason why the rules of the older generation can be used so far proves that they have a certain reason and basis, and have been certified by practice for many years and can withstand the test of practice. Generally speaking, only love and marriage of the same family can last. If the family environment gap between the two sides is too large, it will only lead to unhappy separation.

The reason why gold worshippers can become gold worshippers is that these beautiful women themselves do not have gold. If they were born in a noble family, they would not take money so important and put it in such an important position. Gold diggers are generally people who have little ability and are in a weak position in the workplace. They may not be able to get the house, car and ticket they want all their lives just by relying on their meagre income. Because they are in a weak position in their marriage life, their husbands have the final say in everything. They have no say and decision-making power, which leads to their imperfect love and unhappy marriage. Men marry only for the beauty of women, and women marry only for the wealth of men. Both of them are pure interests, not perfect and pure love.

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