Only a few people know that walking can prolong life

The U.S. Government recommends to domestic adults that they should take at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activities every week, and walking is one of them. Five times a week, 30 minutes each time, or 21 minutes a day, sounds easy to do. But in fact, only 49.2% of American adults meet this standard. This has led to a high incidence of obesity and chronic diseases in the United States.

Experts from the American Heart Association said that walking is a more consistent exercise, which is suitable for the elderly and overweight. Desi Bartlett, a yoga teacher in California, said that walking is an easy way to lose weight. Many people initially want to lose weight by running, but because walking has less impact on their knees, hips and lower back, more people turn to walking. Bartlett believes that it’s better to walk fast and slow alternately, and wearing a heavy vest can improve the strength.

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A research report of Cambridge University in 2015 pointed out that walking for 20 minutes every day can reduce the risk of early death by 16-30%. A 20 minute brisk walk can change a person’s activity from “inactive” to “moderately active”.

Japanese researchers found as early as 2007 that intermittent walking (3-minute brisk walking and then 3-minute slow walking) can improve the strength of legs and lower blood pressure for the elderly. For pregnant women, regular walking can also prevent or suppress the occurrence of diabetes during pregnancy.

Scott danberg, a health expert in Miami, found that walking can keep a person’s heart rate within a healthy range by using a heart rate monitor. For moderate intensity exercise, the heart rate should be 50-70% of the maximum; For fat burning exercise, the heart rate is between 60-70% of the maximum.


Zuckerberg likes to hold meetings when he walks. Research from Stanford University shows that walking contributes to the explosion of creativity. Researchers also found that walking in a natural state can improve people’s mood and prevent them from thinking about negative thoughts.

Nick hauenslow, a trainer of many Hollywood stars, highly admires walking. “I find it easier to clear my mind by walking than by running. Many people can’t find a gym when they go on vacation. I tell them to try walking. At first, they laugh at me. After trying, they will know.”

Shaping a healthy lifestyle with the continuous improvement of industrialization, more and more people buy cars and drive wherever they go. In fact, if you try to walk, you may find that the vegetable market is only 15 minutes’ walk from your home, the cafe is less than 10 minutes’ walk away, and the drive to the park for fitness is not as fast as walking. Walking and chatting with several friends in leisure time can not only enhance friendship, but also play a role in fitness. When walking becomes a part of your life, it will shape a healthy lifestyle invisibly.

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