There is only one word to the 92 year old man’s longevity

When Faraday, a famous British chemist, was young, he suffered from mental disorder, headache and insomnia due to overwork. Although he was treated with drugs for a long time, he still failed to improve. Later, a famous doctor examined him carefully, but did not prescribe a prescription. When he left, he just said a British saying with a smile: “a clown entering the city is better than a dozen doctors.” Then he walked away. Faraday savored these words carefully and finally realized the mystery. From then on, Faraday often took time to watch funny plays, circus and comedy, and often laughed with joy. This happy state of mind greatly improved his health, and his headache and insomnia were cured without medication.

The newspaper reported that a physiologist in Germany introduced the secret of longevity to people at his 92nd birthday with only one word: “laugh”.

Laughter is a special fitness exercise. When people laugh, they will cause facial expression muscles and chest and abdomen muscles to move. When they laugh, even the muscles of the limbs will move together, which will accelerate the blood flow in the human body, promote the metabolism of the whole body, and help improve the body’s disease resistance. French doctors pointed out that laughing is a process of absorbing oxygen. Oxygen enters the blood and promotes blood circulation, which can accelerate the elimination of toxins in the blood that lead to the decline of the body’s function. Sugar, fat and lactic acid in the human body can also be decomposed faster.

Laughter is also an effective digestive agent. Happy emotions can increase the secretion of digestive juice, and happy laughter can promote the activities of the digestive tract, thus improving appetite and helping digestion and absorption of food.

Laughter is the “protector” of the respiratory system. With laughter and laughter, people can involuntarily perform deep breathing exercises, just like doing breathing exercises to discharge the secretions of the respiratory system.

In addition, laughter can regulate psychological activities, overcome loneliness and depression, and help individuals better adapt to the external environment. After analyzing the impact of stress on the human body, psychologist Ken Powell pointed out that as soon as laughter breaks out, the body will relax instantaneously, because it can inhibit cortisol and adrenaline, and resolve the disasters caused by stress. Recently, American doctors pointed out that laughter is controlled by the frontal cortex of the right brain, which is also in charge of human emotions. Every time you smile, it stimulates a variety of functions and hormone production, which is very important to maintain human health. When people laugh, their attention is diverted, their muscles relax, and the secretion of anti pain hormones increases, which can alleviate headache, back pain, abdominal pain, muscle pain and other symptoms. A Japanese doctor uses laughter to treat cancer and other diseases – he records laughter and beautiful conversations for patients to listen to, and adds beautiful words such as “my body has the ability to overcome diseases” in the middle to improve patients’ immunity through subconsciousness. He found that laughter can significantly activate cancer eliminating cells.

Nowadays, some rehabilitation hospitals abroad have specially hired comedians to perform regularly in the hospital, which makes the ward full of laughter and promotes the early recovery of patients.

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