What is the taboo of laser freckle removal? What are the taboos of laser freckle removal

There are many kinds of freckle removal, but ultimately it is all treatment. Would prevention be better? The effect of prevention is certainly better than that of treatment. How to prevent it? Let’s take a look at the six taboos of color spots. If we prevent them, they will not grow spots naturally, so freckle removal is not necessary. After laser freckle removal, we also need to pay attention to taboos, otherwise all our efforts will be in vain.

1。 Sunscreen! This is very important! Because color spots are most afraid of the sun. Excessive exposure to sunlight or X-ray and ultraviolet radiation can promote and aggravate the disease. Even fluorescent lamps for indoor lighting aggravate color spots due to excitation of ultraviolet rays, so it can be considered that color spots are a physical damaging skin disease. Sun exposure can increase the activity of melanin, increase the content of melanin in the basal layer of epidermis and form color spots.

2。 Prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation!

3。 It is forbidden to use “quick acting freckle cream” containing hormones, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, because there are too many side effects!

4。 It is forbidden to use scrub products for a long time. The skin looks very tender after use, but in fact it has destroyed the natural first protective barrier “stratum corneum”. Although the stratum corneum is commonly known as dead skin, it has two major functions. First, it protects the skin from losing moisture and external aggression. Second: it has the function of absorbing water.

5。 Oil control products are actually the beginning of a vicious cycle. Water oil balance is the most scientific basis. Don’t blindly control oil, but understand our skin physiological laws.

6。 Freckle removal is the most critical first step only by replenishing water and regulating endocrine.

What should not be eaten after laser freckle removal? The repairing effect of diet on skin cannot be ignored. Protein, fat and sugar are essential nutrients for the skin. Vitamins and trace elements can affect the normal metabolism and physiological functions of the skin. For example, vitamin B and folic acid can increase the pigment; vitamin C and vitamin A can decrease the pigment; some trace elements such as copper ions can promote the formation of black.

Avoid foods containing copper and B vitamins. Therefore, food containing copper and B vitamins should be avoided and spicy food should be reduced after large-area laser treatment, especially laser treatment with greater trauma. Instead, you should eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, such as fruits and vegetables, and foods with more trace elements such as iron and zinc, such as lean meat, fish, acne, Chinese cabbage, radish, etc., and pay attention to drinking more water to improve the skin repair process.

Don’t eat black food after laser nevus removal. We should not eat black food after laser nevus removal, so as to avoid the deposition of black pigment and the change of skin color. It can be seen that nursing after Laser Spot nevus is quite important, and some matters must be paid attention to. As spicy food can promote blood vessel expansion, it is necessary to fast spicy food and avoid strenuous exercise after treatment of vascular diseases.

Although there are many freckle removing methods, there are not a few side effects. “Quick freckle removing cream” will only aggravate color spots and form a vicious circle. We should not only remove freckles, but also pay attention to prevention, from sunscreen to skin care, which should not be underestimated. Only by doing every step carefully can we prevent trouble before it happens. In order to reduce the growth of color spots. You should also pay attention to diet, otherwise laser freckle removal has no effect, or even aggravates

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