How to do a good job of sunscreen in outdoor running

First, you can wear a sun hat. Under the scorching sun, hats can protect the head from direct sunlight, so as not to make the scalp too hot and cause fainting. It can also block part of the sun and play a certain sunscreen role. Be sure to choose a hat with good ventilation. The best one is waterproof and sweat proof, with a quick drying effect.

Secondly, you can buy an arm cover. On the one hand, the arm cover is very convenient, which can block the sunshine on the arm, but it is not as hot as wearing long sleeves. And you can use the armrest as a towel to wipe your sweat during exercise.

Then there is the sunscreen you should wear when running. It’s best to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before outdoor sports. Only after a period of time, can the sunscreen film form and play a sunscreen effect. Sunscreen must be applied in sufficient amount, and it is best to choose high power sunscreen.

If you are doing outdoor sports for a long time, you should apply sunscreen every hour, because you will sweat a lot during sports, which will easily destroy sunscreen and make sunscreen ineffective. The exposed parts must be applied once, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the ears.

In general, you should wear sunscreen when running outdoors. And sometimes, don’t use sunscreen just because it’s cloudy. As long as it is in the daytime, there will be ultraviolet radiation. Running outdoors for a long time will easily lead to sunburn and skin cancer. Choose some professional sunscreen clothes to avoid exposing your skin. Choose a mild high power sunscreen. After exercise, pay attention to skin care and timely alleviate the damage caused by ultraviolet rays. If you really don’t want to wear sunscreen, you can also choose to run at night.

The skin after running and sunburn needs to be cooled and hydrated first. Don’t rush to take a shower and enter the air-conditioned room immediately, but wait for the body to cool down slowly. Please note that warm water should be used in the shower to clean the dirt in the pores. At this time, if a layer of aloe is applied to calm and soothe the skin, it can not only restore the moisture of the skin, but also enhance the brightness of the skin.

Compared with trying to subtract the skin before running, for runners, the focus of skin care during exercise should be placed after running. Cleaning your skin is of course the first step after running.

Remember to use warm water and choose a cleansing product with sufficient cleaning power (but it is not recommended to use one with frosted particles) to clean the dirt in the pores. In fact, running itself is a process of sweating a lot, just like sauna, so after cleaning, the pores of the skin will become very clean.

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