Rest on your stomach at noon, and be careful of glaucoma

At the turn of spring and summer, people always feel lazy. Even if they have enough sleep at night, they will feel depressed during the day. Li Ming is a senior three student. He is preparing for the college entrance examination. He can only sleep on his desk at noon every day. One noon, when he woke up, he felt uncomfortable in his eyes. Slowly, the situation became more and more serious, and his eyesight dropped significantly. Not long ago, Li Ming went to the hospital for an examination. The result made him very depressed. He suffered from glaucoma.

“Li Ming is a high myopia and is a high-risk group for glaucoma. Although sleeping on the table will not directly lead to glaucoma, it can induce or aggravate glaucoma.” Chen Gang, director of Ophthalmology and chief physician of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said.

Sleeping on the table in the morning hurts eyes and brain. “Some people are used to sleeping on the table in the morning. Once their eyes rest on their arms during sleep, it will cause pressure on their eyes. For a long time, it is easy to damage the cornea and retina, and may also lead to increased intraocular pressure and induce eye diseases such as glaucoma.” Chen Gang said.

Lying on the table in the morning is not good for the eyes, but many people will feel dizzy when they wake up. Why is this?

“Recently, many people have asked me about this problem. This is because more blood enters the gastrointestinal tract after lunch. At this time, if you sleep on the table again, it is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, and people are prone to dizziness, fatigue, leg weakness and other uncomfortable symptoms.” Director of the Department of Gastroenterology and director of the Party of Henan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine told the reporter.

It is healthier to wear an inflatable neck pillow and sit back in the chair to sleep

Experts suggest that it is best to lie in bed or on the sofa when taking a nap in the afternoon. If it is not possible, you can prepare an inflatable neck pillow for travel. This kind of neck pillow has a pull ring for inflation and a blow air for inflation, which is very convenient to use. Every time I take a nap, I take out the inflatable neck pillow to inflate it, and then put it on my neck. At this time, I find a chair with a back, and sit back on it. I can comfortably enjoy the nap, and my cervical spine is in the same natural and relaxed state as when I lie down to sleep.

If you can’t buy an inflatable neck pillow, you must lie down on the table and sleep in the morning. Chen Gang suggested: “it’s better to put your forehead on your arm instead of letting your eyes press your arms, so as not to put pressure on your eyes and affect your eye health.”

Chen Gang also reminded that the time to sleep on the table in the morning should not be too long, and the longest should not exceed half an hour. In addition, you’d better put on a piece of clothing during your afternoon nap to prevent catching a cold. After waking up, don’t stand up immediately. Stand up slowly and start working after walking for several circles.

In addition, the party director reminded that you should go to bed half an hour after lunch, so as not to increase the burden on your intestines and stomach.

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