Can rock climbing help children grow taller

Rock climbing has a certain effect on children’s height growth, but the effect should not be very good. I think height growth can make children exercise more, such as basketball, swimming, high jump, rope skipping and so on.

basic essentials of rock climbing

1. To grasp a raised part of a rock by hand. Pick, pick the edges, cracks and edges of rocks with your hands.

2. On the premise of grasping the firm fulcrum above the front, stick your forearm to the rock wall, grasp the stone gap or other terrain, and move your body upward or left and right with your arm.

3. Push uses the rock mass or object on the side or below to move the body with the force of the arm. Zhang, put your hand into the gap, bend and open your palm or fingers, so as to grasp the gap of the rock as a fulcrum and move your body.

4. Pedaling uses the pedaling force of the inner side of the front foot or toes to support the body and reduce the burden of the upper limbs. Span, make use of its flexibility, avoid difficulties, and seek favorable support points. Hanging: hang the rock with your toes or heels to maintain your balance and make your body move.

5. Pedaling uses the front part of the foot as a larger fulcrum to reduce the burden of the upper limbs and move the body.

what should children pay attention to when climbing?

When children play rock climbing, the most important thing is whether the safety facilities are safe. Secondly, adults should watch more from below to cheer up the children. Moreover, if there is a coach, let the coach guide you. If not, as long as the equipment is safe, let the child understand it by himself. After all, this is the integration of physical strength and skills, which has a lot to do with individual physique. If you don’t know how to mix things up blindly, your child’s interest will be reduced.

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