Six postures expose your health level

Are you healthy enough? What else needs to be done to improve? The following test can help you find the answer!

test 1 is your balance good enough

Stand in a straight line with your feet in front of and behind, press the toe of the back foot against the heel of the front foot, put your hands on your sides naturally, and then close your eyes and silently count 10 numbers in your heart. If your body shakes during the counting, it means that your balance is not good enough and you need to strengthen balance exercise. Otherwise, when you walk in daily life, you will easily damage your ankles and knees due to uneven force, which will also cause spinal strain over time.

Improvement methods

Whenever you have a chance, exercise your balance with the posture of “Golden Rooster independence”. You can make full use of the time when brushing your teeth and watching TV.

test2 is your listening good enough

Let a friend stand 1 meter away from you, with his back to you, and chat with you. If you can hear what he says clearly, it means that your hearing is OK. At this time, it can be more difficult to turn on the TV to create some interference. If you can still hear what he said clearly, it means that your listening is very good. But if you can’t hear what he is saying without turning on the TV, your hearing has been damaged. A large part of the reason is that the volume is too high when you use headphones.

Improvement methods

When watching TV and listening to music, adjust the volume to below 60% of the maximum volume, especially when using headphones. In addition, it is better to replace the built-in earphone that is easy to damage the inner ear with a covered earphone that can isolate external noise.

test3 is your breathing efficiency high enough

Hold a lighted candle with one hand, then stretch out your arms and try to blow out the candle in one breath. If you can’t blow out the candle, it means that your breathing is short, your breathing efficiency is not high enough, and the cells in your body may often be in a state of insufficient oxygen supply.

Improvement methods

Swimming is one of the most effective methods to activate lung function, increase lung capacity and improve respiratory efficiency. In addition, diaphragm breathing should also be used more in daily life to improve respiratory efficiency. Learn to breathe gently, slowly and smoothly. Don’t pause between breaths, keep the same length, pay attention to the uniform strength of exhalation and inhalation, and feel the fluctuation of diaphragm.

test4 is your pelvis healthy enough

Sit on a chair, step your feet on the same horizontal plane, and observe whether your knees are the same height? Then lie on your back on the floor, relax your lower limbs, and ask friends to help you observe whether the inclination of your left and right ankles is consistent? If the answer is no, your pelvis is deformed to some extent. In fact, most women will slightly deform their pelvis due to wearing high-heeled shoes or carrying heavy backpacks on one shoulder for a long time.

Improvement methods

Wear flat shoes more often, and ask your fitness coach to help you formulate a training plan. Rest assured that more than 80% of minor pelvic deformation can be repaired through proper exercise.

test5 is your blood circulation good enough

Take the steps in the stairwell as props to complete the movement of going up and down the steps. Go up and down 20 times per minute for 3 minutes. Then rest for 30 seconds, and then measure your heartbeat and record the number of heartbeats within 30 seconds. Check the table below to see whether your blood circulation is good enough and whether the efficiency of blood oxygen delivery is high enough?

20-29 years old, 30-39 years old, 40-49 years old, over 50 years old

Excellent 39-42 times 39-42 times 41-43 times 41-44 times

Very good 43-44 times 43-45 times 44-45 times 45-47 times

Good 45-46 times 46-47 times 46-47 times 48-49 times

General: 47-52 times, 48-53 times, 48-54 times, 50-55 times

Low 53-56 times 54-56 times 55-57 times 56-58 times

Very low 57-66 57-66 58-67 59-67

Improvement methods

30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day can greatly improve the blood circulation in your body and improve the oxygen delivery efficiency of the blood circulation system. Fast walking, jogging, cycling, and even gardening are all good aerobic exercises!

TEST6 is your spine healthy enough

Keep standing in your usual posture, adjust your whole body to a relaxed state, and then ask someone to take a side portrait of you from your left side and right side respectively. From the picture, your head should be in line with your shoulders, not inclined forward or backward. Your shoulders should also be in line with your ears. In addition, the lower part of your back should also have a certain radian inward, but the radian should not be too large. If the actual situation in the photo does not meet the above standards, it means that your standing posture is poor, which will not only affect your appearance and temperament, but also lead to spinal strain, and even compress nerves, causing dizziness, headache, shoulder acid and a series of health problems.

Improvement methods

In addition to improving the standing posture according to the photos, we should also do more stretching exercises to comb the spine: stand at the door, grasp the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions on the door frame with both hands, lean forward as much as possible, and repeat several times; Then move your hands to the positions of 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock on the door frame respectively, and then tilt your body forward as far as possible. Repeat several times.

can you step up two steps at a time

If you can step up two steps in one step, Congratulations! This shows that your flexibility is still good. Most people think that flexibility is not directly related to health, but it is not! Flexibility is the secret to staying young! Because of its good flexibility, it can prevent the decline of lymphatic circulation caused by age. Doing 3 minutes of whole body stretching every morning and evening can improve your flexibility.

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