White collar story: I am a professional lover

After people have materialized everything, love can also be weighed on the scale. One side of the scale is secular desire, while the other side is an invisible blade. If you are not careful, you will be cut to pieces. Nowadays, in the dark tide of “lover professionalization”, some young people want to satisfy their secular desires through sexual relations. In the end, whether they get anything or nothing, they are bruised all over.

lover boss “forced” me to leave

I don’t have the appearance that makes men “swoon” at first sight, and my abilities in all aspects are not very excellent. However, there is always a force in my heart urging me to “stand out”. Three years ago, I quit my job as a teacher in my hometown and came to this city with the sadness of losing my love. I don’t have any relatives or friends here, and that’s why I came here. Because, I want to experience myself in a strange environment, with a self abusive mood.

I rented a relatively humble house in the suburb, in order to save money and buy myself some fashionable clothes. After all, when you go to a big city, you should be decent. As for the place where you live, no one knows me anyway, so it doesn’t matter. That day, I spent two months’ salary in my hometown to buy a suit of clothes. When I saw that I was a little charming in the mirror, I felt an unspeakable pleasure. At the same time, in my heart, I still scolded my old lover who had broken up with me and called him “unlucky”.

The next day, I took some recruitment information from newspapers and applied for the job. I’m not afraid of being rejected, because I think there’s nothing more painful than being dumped and leaving my hometown. Unexpectedly, when I stepped into that high-end office building, my fate was completely changed.

I was hired! Although I don’t know what the reason is, I don’t want to know what the reason is. In short, the pain of losing love was soon dispelled by the joy of “taking no effort”. I think I still have some capital, otherwise I wouldn’t be employed so soon. My job is actually very simple. I sort out work letters from all offices every day, and then pick out valuable letters to give to the president. Although it is very boring to do this job, I can meet the president almost every day. The president is a middle-aged man. I heard some “big mouth” colleagues say that the president has a happy family and loves his wife very much. I don’t know why. Every time I listen to my colleagues say this, I feel very uncomfortable. Only then did I know that I hated all the men in the world. My old lover was once a “gentleman” in the eyes of others, but in fact, he betrayed me. With a complex emotion, I worked hard, hoping that I could conquer my boss. Maybe it’s because my melancholy is different from that of other colleagues. In addition, I often contact with my boss, so I’m naturally closer to him than other colleagues.

One day, when I was about to leave the boss’s office, the boss suddenly called me: “Wen, you have been here for so long. Write me a report on your thoughts on work.” I was surprised that the boss actually called me by my name. I think the boss likes me at least! After going back, I thought for a long time and decided that I should seize this opportunity to start my plan.

I wrote my work report overnight as “love for my boss”. The next day, I handed it in. I haven’t had peace all day. I don’t know what my boss will think. I didn’t expect that when I was getting off work in the afternoon, my boss called me and asked me to have dinner with his customers in the evening. I have a clear idea.

After work in the evening, I specially mended my makeup. Wait for the arrival of the boss and customers in the appointed bar.

In fact, there were no customers at all that night, only my boss and I. I finally confirmed my feeling that all men in the world have the same virtue. The more I hate my boss, the more I want to use him to realize my plan. That night, I pretended to drink too much and didn’t resist the boss’s improper actions. Once, there will be a second. Soon, I became the boss’s lover and became the president’s secretary. My salary was twice as high as before. My goal has been achieved.

As the old saying goes, “there is no airtight wall”, the story between me and my boss soon spread all over the company. I know that my colleagues are talking about me, but the boss. “Men can’t just look at the surface.” “some people are elegant gentlemen in appearance, but they are ugly in essence”… When I hear these remarks, my heart is more of the pleasure of revenge.

However, gradually, I found that my boss no longer “needs” me so often. In the office, he was no longer affectionate to me, and I began to feel a little flustered. One day, the boss asked me to wait for him in the old place. After the meeting, the boss did not hug me or kiss me, but told me what the employees of the company said. I listened silently, as if waiting for the judgment.

Finally, the boss said, “it’s better for you to resign. With your beauty, a new boss will be hooked soon.” When I heard the boss say such a thing, my heart smiled painfully. I not only lost my job, but also my poor dignity.

I can’t lift my head in front of true love

By chance, I met Meimei, who is 5 years older than me, in a bar. At that time, I was being fired by my boss and had nothing to do all day. In the process of chatting with Meimei, I learned that she had just divorced. Her ex husband left the company in her name and left with his lover. She has a daughter, but she has been studying abroad. I can tell she’s lonely. At that time, I was 30 years old and wanted to make a career, but I had no money.

After we met that night, we left contact information for each other. After I went back in the evening, I had a ridiculous idea. I wanted to be Meimei’s lover, or even marry her, as long as she was willing to give me the company. With this idea, I began to pursue Meimei crazily. Two months later, Meimei hired me as her assistant, and gradually gained her trust and became her open lover. One day, at Meimei’s house, I said to her, “let’s get married.” Meimei first looked at me in surprise and then burst into tears. I think that only by marrying her can I own her company honestly. Meimei decided to tell her daughter about our marriage, hoping that her daughter would come back to attend the wedding. Her daughter came back soon after she learned about it. To my great surprise, when I saw her daughter for the first time, I was stunned, and there was a rush of heat in my heart. I can’t deceive myself. I fell in love with Meimei’s daughter at first sight.

To be honest, in the process of getting along with Meimei, I have been very good to her. She is like a new student. Her friends say that she has become younger and charming. However, in my eyes, she is a pile of money. No matter what, I never loved her. However, whenever I see Meimei’s daughter, my heart hurts, and I know what love is. But what can I do. What is terrible is that when I sleep in Meimei’s bed, as soon as I close my eyes, I will look like her daughter. When Meimei found out my change, she asked me: “are you busy with the company recently? Why are you always absent-minded? Why don’t we go on holiday and get married?” I didn’t agree because I wanted to see her daughter every day. Finally, one night, I called out her daughter’s name! I woke up. Despite Meimei’s harsh scolding, Meimei woke up her daughter like crazy, told her that I was a big liar, and told me to get out. In front of her daughter, my original “grand” plan became vulnerable. I know that I am no longer qualified to pursue my love. It has been two years since I met Meimei. I have not only failed to make a career, but also lost so much that I have no place to live.

I left them with a lot of pain.

Where is my happiness?

I am now studying for a master’s degree in a key university in Shanghai. In the eyes of many people, I am a very happy person. My fiance is very kind to me, and I have agreed to his proposal of marriage. Although I love another person, I am very disappointed in myself. I don’t think I will be happy.

When I was in college, I met my present fiance. He is the doctor of my current school. At that time, he taught me a semester. I remember that on the first day of junior high school, when he entered the classroom, his classmates were laughing secretly because he was ugly. I was also surprised by the appearance of this doctor teacher. He was only 1.6 meters tall and wore a pair of deep myopia glasses like the bottom of a wine bottle. But I think he is honest and approachable. At the end of the first class, he left his e-mail on the blackboard, and I wrote it down in my notebook.

At that time, I was preparing to review for the postgraduate entrance examination. I’m going to ask the doctor to “help” me. At night in the dormitory, I sent him an email. I said that I hoped he could be my friend. I also told him directly that I hoped he could help me get a master’s degree in their school. The next day, I received a reply from him. He said, “I’m very glad that you can let me be your friend. If you need any help from me, please tell me straight. I will definitely help you.” With my grades, it is very difficult to enter this university for a master’s degree, but I think with the help of the doctor’s teacher, I should be certain.

Later, I often went to the doctor’s dormitory. As the time for the postgraduate entrance examination approached, my purpose became more and more crazy and naked. At the same time, my beloved boyfriend left me because he couldn’t stand rumors. This is a great blow to me. I think, since it’s all like this, I must pass the exam, otherwise it’s too unworthy. One day, the doctor teacher suddenly said to me, “Amin, if I help you get the master’s degree of our school, how are you going to repay me?” I casually said: “if it’s really good, I’ll be grateful all my life.” I think my answer is very smart. After listening to my answer, he was very excited and hugged me. Although I felt sick, he didn’t refuse. Because my goal has not been achieved, I still need his help very much. He worked harder to help me contact my tutor, and I seemed to feel that I was the next master of this school. But during this period, he took me back to his rural hometown and engaged me when I was unprepared. It was a painful night for me. According to the custom of their hometown, the woman was the man when they got engaged. I sacrificed my happiness to get a master’s admission notice.

Now, I have no extravagant hopes for happiness. Dr. fianc é has seen me through and even looked down on me a little. When I tried to make myself fall in love with him, I obviously saw my affectation and affectation. I often asked myself: am I happy?

expert comments:

Being a lover is an individual’s independent choice. There are many reasons, not just for money. No matter what will happen in the future, such motivation will make you look down on yourself. You can pretend to be stupid and pretend that you don’t know that selling yourself for money is a bargain; You can also deceive yourself that men are the same, so it’s better to find a rich man… But the result is the same: in this patriarchal society, what men value in their hearts is still the “yesterday’s flower” at home, and exchanging sex for money is a shortcut without a way out.

Compared with the previous “golden bird” and “mistress”, the “professional lovers” are more open in concept, more calm in psychology and more active in action. Moreover, most of them have a legitimate and self-sufficient decent job. But “professional lover” is not a broad way to seek “happiness with money” or “happiness with emotion”. Under the bright surface, it is a bruise after putting out the fire.

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