Can fat reduction and muscle enhancement work together

In the process of weight loss, it may be contradictory to choose which exercise method is the most suitable for weight loss, or whether it is more appropriate for a man to lose fat first or gain muscle first. Before preparing to start weight loss, there will be these questions. In fact, the two are also parallel. In different stages, different emphases are selected. The two complement each other and interact with each other. Can fat loss and muscle gain work together?

Can fat reduction and muscle enhancement work together

Some people say that muscle gain and fat loss can be carried out at the same time. However, this method may require high personal sports ability and is more professional. It is usually carried out under the guidance of a coach with professional knowledge. Some people also say that fat reduction and muscle enhancement cannot be carried out at the same time, and it is best to carry out them in sequence. The method of muscle enhancement is anaerobic exercise, such as strength type instrument exercise. The specific muscles to be exercised are large-area muscle groups, such as biceps brachii and triceps brachii of the upper limb, biceps femoris, triceps femoris, gluteus maximus and soleus muscle of the lower limb. All can be enhanced through instrument training. Muscle strengthening exercise: after 10-15 minutes of anaerobic exercise, fat reduction exercise can be carried out. The best fat reduction exercise is aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise mainly includes jogging, mountaineering, swimming and aerobics. It can improve the resting heart rate and increase the metabolic rate. It is the fastest way and method to reduce fat and weight. Although fat reduction and muscle enhancement can not be completed by the same exercise, they can complement each other and benefit each other to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

When most people are fat in the initial stage, they can first reduce fat and start a large number of aerobic exercises. When the body fat is reduced to a certain extent, they can cooperate with multiple groups of meta oxygen exercises. At this time, the body weight is large and the exercise foundation is poor. As long as they start the exercise, they will basically breathe juice. The combined exercise is not only muscle gain, but also the key moment of fat brushing. The human body needs the protection of fat. Therefore, when the body fat is reduced to about 20, even if a large amount of aerobic exercise is performed, the effect of fat reduction will be greatly reduced. At this time, the emphasis will be put on muscle enhancement. In addition, the training and exercise of cardiopulmonary function will effectively improve the muscle, which can lay a good foundation for better fat reduction. The energy consumption of the body muscle is mainly to improve the body metabolism. Only when the body fat rate reaches the standard state, the effect of muscle gain will be doubled with half the effort.

As for the fat reduction and muscle enhancement that we are concerned about, can we work together? In fact, it’s impossible to say whether it is fat reduction or muscle gain. Although the focus of aerobic exercise is fat reduction, it actually has an effect on muscle gain. Although the focus of anaerobic exercise is muscle gain, it can also reduce fat. Therefore, from this perspective, the two can be carried out at the same time.

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