Eight secrets of women’s active sex

In sexual life, men are generally active and women are passive. However, in today’s open society, women can also become the initiators of sex. However, women should also follow the eight secrets of women’s active sex. Only in this way can sexual life be more perfect.

(1) sex password

If a specific sex code is formed between husband and wife, ML does not need a long cushion, just like the safe has a code, it is OK to press the code directly every time you open the box, instead of studying the code every time, doing a lot of useless work and spending unnecessary time.

(2) distinguish time

It is estimated that no man likes his women to be sexually active every day. Sometimes a man just wants to show his man’s power and give him a chance. The initiative must depend on the timing. Even if you are really stronger than your man, don’t act stronger than your man. In the process of sexual life, women need to be caressed and awakened more.

(3) watching others serve the dishes

Men are also classified, and can not be regarded equally. Is your man traditional or open? Does he have male chauvinism? If a woman takes the initiative or not, she should first understand her man’s temperament. If he seems to like you and listens to him in everything, you’d better evaluate his tolerance for your initiative before starting.

What a beautiful feeling it is to understand the tacit understanding with one look. When you hand over the olive branch of sex, he knows how happy it is to take it in time.

(4) mystery

Just as no matter how close you are with others, you need some personal space. A woman’s initiative does not mean that she is exposed to the light and sight. Whether you take the initiative or not, women should know to keep a little mystery. Things are rare and precious. Don’t let men look down on you at a glance. It’s the same when I say “you want”. It’s a little circuitous. It’s definitely more romantic than saying “you want” directly.

(5) say less and do more

Words can sometimes be superfluous. When a man has fully understood your intention, let his mouth stop for a rest and express it with body language or eyes. In sexual matters, sometimes there is only a slight difference between seduction and being seduced, which needs to be matched by a tacit sense of body, not language. Let everything be done in silence.

(6) bottom line control

Everyone has his own bottom line. You can’t ask a man to do this or that because of his own happiness. If he doesn’t want to, remember not to force. No matter how popular savage girlfriends are, everyone still has his own principles. Don’t blindly use others as templates. His sexual taboo, don’t touch

(7) gender equality

You can’t ask a man to respond just because you take the initiative. When a man is in his physiological cycle or tired, he has the right not to lift, so that he is equal between the two sexes.

(8) simplicity

Active sex can not be barter, nor can it be sex for the purpose of exchanging objects. If you ask for sex for an expensive set of cosmetics or a fur coat. Then a man will feel that he is spending money to buy sex, and he will not respect you, so you will have no pleasure in sex

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