Women, please open your eyes and wait for orgasm

Experts point out that when you close your eyes, you actually isolate your partner from your own world and simply feel the arrival of self climax. Welcoming the climax with eyes wide open can enable the couple to deeply understand the degree of intimacy they can achieve together, so that they can not only communicate physically, but also form a resonance in spirit, and truly blend in.

keep your eyes open during sex

Lip is a couple who have been married for many years. Now both of them complain that it is difficult to reach an orgasm in their sexual life, and they even gradually have a strange feeling of sleeping with each other. Kissing in the foreplay is almost fleeting, and the reluctant sexual process is always hasty.

In the process of seeking treatment, Dr. schnach found from the conversation that his wife, Teresa, kept her eyes closed during the whole sexual process. Although her husband Philip occasionally opened them, he basically scanned each other’s bodies and never stopped on Teresa’s face. After accepting Dr. schnach’s advice to “keep your eyes open when making love”, they soon found that everything had changed.

Theresa said: “in the process of sexual life, we no longer have perfunctory feelings, but we can concentrate and exchange feelings and love through eye contact. I have never found the smile and light in his eyes so charming.

When making love, I just want to fall into his dark brown eyes. ” More importantly, not long after trying to have sex with her eyes open, Teresa quickly relived her long lost orgasm, and their relationship between husband and wife also changed from estrangement to intimacy.

eye contact is provocative.

Dr. schnach found in his survey that, like Teresa and her husband, most of the couples make love with their eyes closed, and only about 30% of the couples have tried to make love with their eyes open. Because many people don’t like that kind of naked feeling, they will feel embarrassed or offended if they are stared at by others for a long time.

Dr. schnach specifically pointed out that opening your eyes is not simply looking at each other’s bodies, but keeping your eyes in contact with each other, so that your partner can see into your own eyes, just as you can see into your own heart.

Keeping eye contact can make partners feel each other and deepen the feeling of intimacy.

If the two sides keep their eyes glued in the pre play stage, they will feel closer to each other and have a great impact on the quality of subsequent sex. On the other hand, eye contact can actually be regarded as a kind of sexual provocation, which is very helpful for sexual arousal. Therefore, Dr. schnach told us that the process of seeking orgasm does not require any special skills, as long as we look at each other, we can achieve it.

keep your eyes open during orgasm.

Dr. schnach also pointed out that among the few couples who have sex with their eyes open, fewer are able to keep looking at each other at the climax, about less than half.

Because many people think that kind of situation is unimaginable, which makes people feel shy and unnatural. In addition, some women feel that only by closing their eyes can they have a romantic atmosphere, or only in that way can they concentrate on experiencing orgasm.

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