Can aerial Yoga reduce weight

1. Can aerial Yoga reduce weight

Aerial yoga can reduce weight. Because the unstable state of aerial yoga can naturally tighten the core muscles, help strengthen the strength of the waist and abdomen, effectively reduce the excess fat of the waist and abdomen, and promote the peristalsis of the intestines and stomach.

Aerial yoga, also known as anti gravity yoga, uses aerial Yoga hammocks to complete hatha yoga poses. The exerciser feels the body weight, deepens the stretching, resistance and orthostatic ability of the pose, has efficient relaxation, healing and slimming effects, and is more interesting and interactive.

2. Aerial Yoga Slimming pose

2.1 Bridge

Lie on your back on the yoga mat with your pelvis under the vertical line, hang your ankles on the hammock cloth, tighten your abdomen and lift your pelvis when you exhale, so that your spine leaves the ground section by section until you reach your shoulder blades. When you exhale, roll your back down section by section from your shoulder blades until you put your body on the mat.

2.2 breaststroke handstand

Sit on the hammock cloth, keep your back upright, tighten the core, hold the hammock cloth at the sternum with both hands, keep the palms of your feet facing each other, open your knees outward, block the hammock with your crotch, exhale and slowly lower your body. At the same time, wrap your feet around the hammock cloth from the outside to the inside, wrap your feet around it, exhale and release your hands again, slowly lower your body vertically, relax your hands, and gently put it on the ground.

3. Benefits of practicing aerial Yoga

3.1. Promote blood circulation

Yoga in the air can accelerate the heart beat and the circulation of oxygen rich blood, thus strengthening our blood circulation.

Almost all yoga classes can make you sweat, practice deep breathing, accelerate heart rhythm (promote blood circulation), and massage and stimulate excretory organs through twisting and bending posture. Regular yoga practice has a great detoxification effect.

3.2. Enhance physical strength and flexibility

The posture of aerial yoga is a body movement refined through thousands of years of practice experience, which can strengthen and extend the connective tissue of limbs. Whether your body is soft or stiff, weak or strong, yoga can improve your body and mind, as well as your physical health.

3.3 release pressure

Regular practice of air yoga can make the body, mind and spirit more calm, promote the function of the immune system, and discharge the toxins in the body caused by stress. Many students believe that yoga is a perfect cure after a hard day’s work.

Aerial yoga can eliminate fatigue and calm the mind. Make people keep a comfortable and quiet state and fully enjoy life.

Not suitable for people who practice aerial Yoga

1. Spondylolisthesis

When practicing “Sun Salutation”, the practitioner must bend the waist downward. At this time, people with spondylolisthesis may have spondylolisthesis again due to such action.

2. Osteoporosis

Some yoga movements must use hands or feet and other limbs to support the weight of the body. If you have osteoporosis, it is very likely that the strength of the core muscle group is not well trained, so that when the elbow is supported, you may accidentally break it.

3. Epilepsy or cerebral cortex damage

Many movements of air yoga will involve stretching to the neck, and if there is epilepsy or cerebral cortex damage, bending forward and leaning back to massage the extension of the neck may induce seizures.

4. Inappropriate mood fluctuation

Aerial Yoga belongs to the exercise that both body and mind should cooperate with. If muscle groups are tight in anger, anxiety and tension, it is better not to practice yoga to avoid injury. Only when muscles are soft can Yoga be more healthy and safe.

5. High intraocular pressure

It is not recommended to practice headstands. Yoga instructors say that bending forward or standing upside down will increase the intraocular pressure, so people with high intraocular pressure are not suitable for yoga.

Air Yoga leg slimming

1. Wheeled

When Yoga hammock is combined with wheel, I feel amazing and gorgeous! Yoga wheel, stretch your body and create a beautiful figure curve.

2. One word horse

Yoga horse is an elegant and beautiful posture. The air Yoga horse, whether vertical or horizontal, is so willful, elegant and sexy.

3. Crescent

This yoga movement requires pushing your center of gravity forward and stretching your chest and shoulders. Leg back, stretch leg. Fully extend our spine to make our movements perfect.

4. Monarch butterfly

Looking at this yoga movement, it is like an emperor butterfly spreading its wings to fly. Its legs are separated. It’s a cool one line horse. Aerial Yoga allows you to fully display your long legs.

5. Scorpion

Yoga scorpion pose can strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, rectus abdominis, arms and back. At the same time, it can stretch your hips, neck and spine, making your body better.

6. Scorpion variant

This yoga scorpion variant tests our arm strength and abdominal core. After bending our knees, we slowly straighten our legs, making it more difficult, strengthening our balance, eliminating fatigue and calming our mind.

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