Clinical studies show that the higher the IQ, the shorter the sleep time

Chen Mei, director of the Department of Neurology of Zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine: it mainly depends on your mental state the next day. If you wake up the next day and feel energetic, it means that you have a good quality of sleep the previous night; On the contrary, if you still feel tired after a long sleep, it means that the quality of sleep is poor.

The requirements for sleep are different for everyone. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep, and it is not recommended to exceed 9 hours. Some people fall asleep quickly and deeply, generally have no or few dreams, and can fully recover their energy after sleeping for 6 hours; There are also some people who fall asleep slowly and lightly, sleep more and often have more dreams, and even if they sleep for 10 hours, they still feel listless; If you sleep more than 12 hours a day, unless you are ill, you will get tired the more you sleep.

when is the most scientific time to fall asleep

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: Traditional Chinese medicine stresses the balance of time and Yin and Yang. The sleep of the ancients also began from the sunset to the sunrise, which is a better work and rest law. However, modern people have a fast pace of life, many entertainment activities at night, and pay attention to the quality of life. Of course, we will not ask them to go to bed at sunset as the ancients did.

It is very important to master the word “degree” in sleep. It is generally recommended that young people go to sleep before 10:30 p.m., middle-aged people before 10 p.m., and old people before 9 p.m. Of course, it’s not a big problem to delay for an hour and a half every now and then, but the most important thing is to develop a good sleep habit, ensure to fall asleep on time every day, and control your own biological clock, which is conducive to good sleep.

the higher the IQ, the shorter the sleep time

Einstein, a great scientist with an IQ of over 160, slept only 1 to 3 hours a day; Da Vinci slept for 15 minutes every 4 hours of work, and only slept for about 1.5 hours a day; Premier Zhou Enlai’s sleep time is also very short. He only sleeps about three or four hours a day, but he is full of energy. So there is a view that “the higher the IQ, the shorter the sleep time.” But is it really the case?

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: this argument has some truth. People with high IQ often have more excitable neurosubstances, active thinking, inspiration at any time, long excited state, and short sleep time.

In addition, there is another kind of people who suffer from mild mania, whose early manifestation is shortened sleep time, very active thinking, lots of inspiration, strong memory, and even memory. They are very efficient and energetic. I have received such a patient. He only sleeps three or four hours a day. He feels very good about himself. His business is also very good. He is particularly energetic and has a strong ability to explain. He can read a book in one night, but in fact, he is a mild maniac.

is it useful to count sheep when you can’t sleep

Miss Ye couldn’t sleep at night, so she lay down in bed and began to “count sheep”, one, two, three… Until she counted to 500, she still didn’t sleep, and the more she counted, the fresher she became.

“Why doesn’t it work?” Miss ye thought in her heart that it was probably because the hypnotic method of “counting sheep” was invented by foreigners. People use the word “sheep” in English to homophonize the word “sleep” to play a suggestive role. According to this principle, Miss Ye decided to use the phrase “dumplings” to imply “sleeping” according to Chinese habits. So she lay down again and continued to chant: “one dumpling, two dumplings, three dumplings…”.

“It’s still useless. I haven’t counted to 100. Instead of feeling sleepy, I’m hungry.” Miss Ye is very depressed.

Chen Mei, director of the Department of Neurology of Zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine: never count sheep. The more you count, the more excited you will be. Counting sheep is not only not helpful to promoting sleep, but also counterproductive. If you want to help sleep, you can drink a cup of hot milk or bubble your feet before going to bed, or do some massage and health care. There are many acupuncture points on your ears. Pressing your earlobe can calm your nerves. In addition, taking a walk after supper is also good for sleeping at night.

What does TCM rely on to treat sleep

Chen Mei, director of the Department of Neurology of Zhejiang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine: according to traditional Chinese medicine, most people who sleep poorly have asthenia, some of which are Qi deficiency and some are blood deficiency. There is also a menopausal woman who often encounters heart kidney failure. For Qi deficiency, traditional Chinese medicine generally uses drugs that Nourish Qi and calm nerves. For blood deficiency, it uses drugs that replenish blood, nourish blood and calm nerves. Gan Mai Da Zao Tang, a famous prescription in Zhang Zhongjing’s “synopsis of the Golden Chamber: Women’s miscellaneous diseases”, has the effect of soothing the liver and nourishing the heart, and is also more effective in treating insomnia.

Insomnia is treated differently in traditional Chinese medicine according to different seasons. For example, now is the autumn and winter season. When it is time to take ointment, we will use more tonics, such as dangshen, astragalus, and angelica, which are used to replenish qi. The effect on menopausal women’s insomnia is better.

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: the hospital now advocates the treatment of insomnia with integrated Chinese and Western medicine. The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are: first, it has advantages over the treatment of simple insomnia; Another, as an auxiliary means of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, in cooperation with western medicine, can harmonize the nerve balance function and reduce the amount of antidepressants and anxiolytics. Winter is coming. Chinese medicine and ointment are nourishing, which are better treatments for patients with simple insomnia.

why should we do sleep monitoring

The doctor will suggest to do a sleep monitoring first. Many patients do not understand. If I sleep well, I feel most obvious. Why do I need to do sleep monitoring? Experts point out that patients who feel that they are not sleeping well do not necessarily fall asleep.

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: how about sleep? Sometimes it can’t be determined completely according to your own feelings. Under the interference of anxiety, depression and other emotions, people’s self perception of sleep quality may not match the actual situation. Sleep monitoring has a waveform chart, which can accurately monitor the state of deep and light sleep of patients, understand the different types of insomnia of patients, such as those who have difficulty in falling asleep or those who are easy to wake up, so as to guide medication.

Some patients will say “I haven’t slept for two nights, I haven’t slept at all” when introducing their conditions to the doctors, but through the detection of special sleep monitoring instruments, they actually sleep, and even some patients have a good deep sleep. The reason why patients feel that they “haven’t slept all night and can’t sleep all night” is mainly due to their anxiety and depression.

Sometimes the doctor tells the patient that you slept at night and slept very well. The patient doesn’t believe it. Only when he is asleep, make a mark on his face, and the patient wakes up and looks in the mirror, can he believe that he has indeed slept.

what kind of insomnia needs to be treated in the hospital

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: almost everyone has experienced insomnia, but once or twice a night, they can recover through their own adjustment. There is no need to go to the hospital for treatment, but if they have long-term insomnia symptoms, they must see a doctor.

Generally speaking, if you have insomnia for more than 4 days a week, for two or three consecutive months, or if insomnia has affected your work and life, you must go to the hospital for treatment.

why can’t I sleep well at night and get enough sleep during the day

People who work night shifts have a feeling that they don’t sleep at night, or they sleep too late. Even if they sleep for a long time during the day, they can’t make up for it. Why?

Zhang Yonghua, President of Hangzhou Seventh People’s Hospital: when sleeping at night, the human body will secrete many hormones, some of which have the effect of anti fatigue and relieving pressure, but sleeping during the day has no such effect. This kind of dark environment at night can not be created by people closing the curtains and turning off the lights. It is related to the biological clock of the human body. It has been passed down by people for tens of thousands of years and is difficult to break. So people will have the feeling that no matter how much they sleep during the day, it is better to sleep for a few hours at night.

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