The way to chat up: seduce men to do this

Are single MMS still waiting for men’s pursuit alone? Then you’re out! In this era, a good man can take the initiative to pursue. Don’t miss a love because of your so-called “reserve”. Let’s learn from Xiaobian step by step, from “chatting up” to chasing good men in love!

chat up: use small space to make the story happen

In most cases, a relatively closed place is better than an open place, and his attention will be all focused on you. If there are only you and him in the elevator to work, it is simply an opportunity given to you by heaven.

The easiest way to accumulate “temptation atmosphere” in a small space is to create a temptation atmosphere with fragrance. However, it should be noted that the fragrance of perfume is too domineering in a small space. It is better to use fragrance body milk. The explosive power of body milk in a small space is several times stronger than that of perfume, and there is no fear that it will sting if used more carelessly. If there is a fragrance that seems to be absent, it will arouse his heart! It is easy to arouse his curiosity in elevators, buses and small restaurants.

temptation: electrify him in 3 seconds

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid being shy or afraid of failure. The key to winning is to shoot within 3 seconds after finding the target without giving yourself time to hesitate. You are looking forward to the chance, and the discharge time is only 3 seconds! Most men will pay attention to their lips first, followed by their eyes and breasts, which are of equal proportions. The last point is very dependent on nature, but no matter who can work hard on their eyes and mouth, it is not difficult, is it!

98% of men said that they did not like decadent smoke and shiny lips, which made them feel inexplicable burden before kissing. However, no man will refuse the thick eyelashes and the soft and pink lips. Yes, it must be soft without lip lines, which reflects their desire to kiss.

Although many women do not like Lin Zhiling’s sweet voice, most men have a Lin Zhiling in their hearts. You see, she makes good use of almost all the secrets that men want to chat up most: natural curly hair, thick eyelashes, and soft lips that are not abrupt.

flirting: the cat like posture makes him move

Even a little boy will have the mentality of a big man in love. Therefore, lovely women never lack men’s pursuit. Put your head on his leg and have a nap. For example, when he is watching a ball game, you are sleepy turning through magazines, sitting on the tatami, putting your head and book all on his lap, and scattering your hair… At this time, you are a quiet and clever kitten, sometimes for it. A man often uses “kitten” and “sweetheart” to call such a woman he loves. Beauty can be created, because it is an atmosphere.

tips: Customize “pheromone” to tease memory

It’s not important when we know each other, but after we know each other! Choose a special perfume at every important moment of your life, because the fragrance has the longest memory. From the beginning of knowing the person you love, don’t change the fragrance easily in the initial period of love. Men often fall in love with the “pheromone” who can’t be explained clearly. After many years, whether you have achieved the right result or parted ways, this fragrance will record your story, which is unforgettable.

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