look out! If you don’t do this well every day, stomach cancer will come to you!

Previously, doctors of the science popularization alliance of 39 Health Network wrote an article that a 19-year-old boy had stayed up late for a long time and had advanced gastric cancer. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? In fact, there are not a few people who are infected with stomach diseases due to dietary problems. In fact, it’s not only staying up late, but also eating dinner. If you don’t do a good job, stomach cancer will come to you.

Many people don’t take dinner seriously and often eat something casually to kill their stomachs. In fact, when to eat dinner, what to eat and how much to eat are all exquisite. Today, rong’er will tell you specifically about these questions you should know when eating dinner. You must remember them.

What time is better for dinner?

Fan Zhihong, associate professor of the Department of nutrition and food safety of the school of food science of China Agricultural University, said that the ideal dinner time is about 3-4 hours from bedtime. That is to say, if you have a rest at 10 p.m., dinner should be at 6-7 p.m. To give the stomach enough time to digest, there should be little food left in the stomach, so as not to affect the quality of sleep at night.

But if our office workers want to prepare their own dinner, it is basically impossible to eat it at 6 o’clock. It can be postponed appropriately, but try not to exceed 9 p.m. You’d better not eat any solid food after 9 p.m. Don’t eat dinner too late, otherwise, it will bring these risks to our bodies:

① Gain weight

First of all, we, who have been hungry for a long time, first go through our suitcases and cabinets to find anything we can eat right away. These things are often high calorie food that can be eaten immediately after unpacking.

Secondly, it’s too late to eat. Many people lie down before they have digested. Go to bed directly. The food they eat is piled up in their bodies, and the excess heat is easily converted into fat, leading to obesity. Wait until it’s digested, then you’ll have to stay up late.

② Affect digestion

Food enters the gastrointestinal tract, and it takes 4-5 hours to completely empty. Even if you go to bed before that, the gastrointestinal tract still has to work overtime. If other organs of the body enter the “trimming” state of slow metabolism, and only the gastrointestinal tract works, it is easy to cause imbalance in some parts of the body. In the long run, it is easy to cause disturbance of human digestive function and poor nutrient absorption.

③ Disrupt sleep

Forced “overtime” of gastrointestinal tract will directly affect sleep, even insomnia and other problems. Mild cases include indigestion of stomach, which will lead to difficulty in falling asleep or more dreams and light sleep. Severe cases will aggravate abdominal distension and nausea. Even at night, when you are sleeping deeply, it is easy to have food reflux in your stomach and enter the trachea, causing pneumonia.

④ Increased risk of stroke

In 2011, a study published at the annual meeting of the European Heart Association showed that the later you eat dinner, the higher the risk of stroke. On the contrary, those who eat early and ensure that the interval between eating time and sleeping time is more than 60-70 minutes can reduce the probability of stroke by 66%.

⑤ Increased risk of gastric cancer

In 2014, the University of Tokyo in Japan investigated the life and eating habits of 30-40-year-old patients with gastric cancer before they fell ill. It was found that most of them had the habit of eating midnight snack, and 38.4% of them had irregular dinner time. Professor hidao Kurita, who carried out this study, analyzed that eating too late and leaving food in the stomach would promote a large amount of gastric juice secretion, stimulate the gastric mucosa, weaken resistance and cause ulcers. If you often eat fried, barbecued and waxed foods, the carcinogens in them will further harm your stomach.

Healthy dinner: on time + by quantity + by nutrition

On time: that is, it’s better to be between 18:00 and 19:00, not more than 21:00.

By quantity: it means not to overeat. As the saying goes, “eat a good breakfast, be full at noon, and eat less at dinner”, less is not to let you go in at all. Here we want to remind those weight loss lovers that they must not lose weight by skipping dinner. I still want to eat dinner, but I can eat less.

For those who don’t lose weight, it’s good to eat seven times full without feeling hungry and bloated. Of course, when you have a poor appetite, it doesn’t matter if you are full for 5 minutes. Don’t be hungry. If you are suddenly hungry before going to bed, it is recommended to drink water, milk or freshly squeezed fruit juice, and it is better not to eat solid food.

According to nutrition: first, rice matches dishes. Such as animal livers, eggs, dark green vegetables and so on. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, has a strong satiety effect, and has a good “hypnotic” effect.

The second is to eat coarse grain bean porridge. For example, millet, soybeans, red beans and so on, these grains are boiled alone or mixed into porridge, and then some vegetables are added. They have balanced nutrition, a strong sense of satiety, and are clear and light. They have the effect of health and beauty.

The third is the combination of fruit and yogurt. For example, bananas or apples can also make you feel full and help you lose weight. It is only necessary to remind people with poor digestive function to choose carefully, so as not to stimulate the intestines and stomach and cause discomfort.

Fourth, add some vegetables to the next noodles. Noodles can give people a sense of satiety and are good for digestion. If you beat an egg and add some vegetables, the nutrition is more abundant, and it is also a good dinner choice.

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