Five kinds of men easily destroy women’s youth

Some people say that love makes women get regeneration, but many women say that love is their own life. In the emotional world, we have no doubt that women are weak. On TV, newspapers and other media, the victims of love are often women. When choosing a man, pay attention to the following five kinds of men, who are often easy to smash a woman’s beautiful dream of life – eternal love.

1. A bigoted man

It is entirely understandable that men like to make decisions to show their dignity and status. However, if a man values these things too much, he will often appear paranoid. This is reflected not only in work, but also in life. Living with such a man, women are often very painful, and women become slaves of men.

Xiao Zhang and her husband Xiao Xiao were introduced to each other by friends. When we first met, Xiao Zhang felt that her boyfriend was very assertive and basically expressed his opinions at the first time. Xiao Zhang felt that such a man had a lot of brains, so he easily let this man take possession of his own body.

However, with the increase of contacts, Xiao Zhang feels that her boyfriend is becoming more and more bossy, and there is no room for discussion about anything. Xiao Zhang wants her boyfriend to change this habit several times, but his boyfriend thinks Xiao Zhang doesn’t respect him. Four years have passed in this way. Xiao Zhang has no choice but to break up with him. He has no choice but to waste the best four years of his youth in vain.

2. A man who is not good at communication

In the modern fast changing society, communication has become a fashionable term, and communication has become the main means for people to solve problems. In today’s rising divorce rate, many couples divorce because of poor communication. Communication can not only solve the misunderstanding between husband and wife, but also enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Bai Jing and her husband have been married for three years. Before marriage, Bai Jing felt that her husband didn’t talk much, and when they met, Bai Jing talked more. Bai Jing told her parents her feelings. Her parents said that “silence is golden”, but Bai Jing didn’t care. After getting married, Bai Jing found that her husband was silent. When she came back from work, she knew to watch TV or play games.

Bai Jing took the initiative to talk to him at first, but finally found that her husband was not interested in what Bai Jing said. Bai Jing thought that her husband was having an affair, but after a period of observation, she found that there was no such thing. Once, Bai Jing lost her temper in a hurry. Her husband just said perfunctorily, “Why are you talking? Are you tired from talking?” Facing a husband who has no communication with herself, Bai Jing can’t imagine what the future will be like? Under the unbearable situation, Bai Jing chose to divorce.

3. Selfish man

Everyone has a selfish nature, but the degree of selfishness is different. Husband and wife should take care of each other, be considerate to each other, and contribute to each other.

Ivy’s husband is a very selfish man. Ivy is very independent. When she is in love, her boyfriend never buys anything for ivy. On the contrary, Ivy always buys things for her boyfriend. Ivy was careless and didn’t care. However, after getting married, this shortcoming of men showed up and became more and more unacceptable to Ivy.

After five years of marriage, her husband didn’t give Ivy any money at all; During the festival, Ivy’s husband didn’t spend a penny at her parents’ house; Sometimes when the family needs to buy something, the husband doesn’t pay for it at all; Even though Ivy’s parents were ill and hospitalized, her husband didn’t spend any money to buy something to comfort the old man.. Ivy quarreled with her husband many times, and his husband also promised to change his shortcomings. Once the matter was over, there was no action. So Ivy was desperate and finally ended her marriage.

4. A lazy man without ideals

Men’s ideal is the best cosmetics for women. Although women can also create careers, we must consider the impact of tradition on women. Women yearn for a husband and a wife. Men have no ideals and no power to act. There is no doubt that families have no hope. What they can bring is only women’s despair. To some extent, a woman’s marriage to a man is a man’s present, but more correctly, it is a man’s future.

When Yu Qian and her husband first met, her husband liked to play chess, and he played it very well. He was also famous in the unit. Considering that men tend to change their minds after marriage, Yu Qian felt that if her husband could enjoy playing chess, there would be nothing wrong with marriage, so Yu Qian married her lover.

However, after getting married, Yu Qian found that her husband was only addicted to chess and had no interest in work. She simply did not want to make progress. Seeing that colleagues were promoted and paid, my husband still didn’t care. Yu Qian quarreled with her husband several times, but her husband remained indifferent.

The life at home can only be like this. Even Yu Qian, who has an ambition, has no ambition. Watching other people’s men work hard for their families, Yu Qian regrets her death. With all kinds of helplessness, Yu Qian ended her five-year marriage.

5. Men who think differently

Men are naturally interested in difference, which is beyond reproach. However, after a man gets married, he needs to be responsible for women and the family. This is a quality that a man should have.

Koizumi is infatuated with Jin Wei. The reason is that Jin Wei’s literary and artistic talent is very good. His violin won the first prize in the national competition and was the chief violinist in a National Academy. Every time he listens to Jin Wei playing the piano, Koizumi is so drunk.

In this way, Koizumi and Jin Wei have lived together for eight years. While living together, Koizumi found that Jin Wei was very obsessed with women and often didn’t come back at night. Sometimes when the two quarreled, Jin Wei didn’t go home for several days.

Koizumi was very uncomfortable, but in view of his love for Jin Wei, Koizumi endured it time and again. However, Koizumi’s forbearance did not arouse Jin Wei’s conscience. On the contrary, in order to be with a woman, Jin Wei even dueled with someone else, stabbing the other to death and jailing himself. After Koizumi learned the news, he wept bitterly. His 10-year love was ruined in the hands of his boyfriend, and the reason was just for a woman.

When choosing a lover, women need not only sensibility but also rationality. When love can’t last, or when men are unreliable, women should learn to cherish themselves. Love is romantic only when you are young. To waste your youth is to waste a woman’s life. But youth is short for a woman and needs to be cherished.

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