Massaging these three places has good effect on insomnia

Insomnia usually refers to short-term symptoms caused by various reasons, such as insufficient sleep, sleep quality and time not meeting normal sleep and physiological needs of the body, and a series of adverse effects in the daytime. Many people have insomnia, and insomnia will occur almost all their lives. For this transient, transient and reversible performance, we can not call it a disease, but only a symptom.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is a condition in which the quality or quantity of sleep is unsatisfactory for a long time. The prevalence of the general population is 10% – 20%. As a disease unit, insomnia has a definite time limit in diagnosis. Usually insomnia occurs three times a week and lasts for more than one month before insomnia can also be considered.

What are the differences between insomnia and insomnia?

From the concept of the two, the biggest difference is the problem of time. Insomnia is usually short, and insomnia is usually long. There are also the following differences between them:

① Insomnia is a secondary phenomenon, and insomnia is a primary phenomenon. The so-called secondary refers to the symptoms that occur on the basis of other conditions. Such as noisy environment and heavy drinking. The so-called primary is insomnia without other reasons.

② After the factors and diseases of insomnia are removed, insomnia can be alleviated or disappeared, while insomnia is usually alleviated inconspicuously.

There are a large number of insomniacs, and few have psychological barriers. Insomniacs are often accompanied by personality problems, which are manifested as face loving, competitive and strong personal desire.

Here are three commonly used acupoints for insomnia treatment:

1. Anmian point

Anmian point is a commonly used extra meridian qi point, which is located at the midpoint of the line connecting Yifeng point (behind ear depression) and Fengchi point (under occipital depression). This point can calm the liver, calm the wind, calm the mind, effectively relieve tension and help sleep.

2. Shenmen acupoint

Shenmen point is the original point of the hand Shaoyin heart meridian, which is the place where the original Qi of the heart meridian stops. It is located on the ulnar side of the palmar wrist transverse pattern and on the radial side of the ulnar wrist flexor tendon. This acupoint is the gateway to the heart and Qi, which can nourish the heart and calm the mind. It is the main acupoint for treating insomnia.

3. Sanyinjiao point

Sanyinjiao point is a point on the spleen meridian of the foot Taiyin, which is located 3 inches above the high point of the foot’s medial malleolus (the width of one’s own hand is about 4 fingers). It is located at the posterior edge of the medial tibia. This point is the intersection of the three yin meridians of the foot (liver, spleen and kidney), so it can regulate the meridians and Qi of the liver, spleen and kidney, and achieve the functions of strengthening the spleen, benefiting the kidney and nourishing the liver. The essence and blood can be controlled in the spleen, hidden in the liver, and nurtured in the kidney. When the heart and Qi are connected, the mind will be peaceful.

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