These eight feelings are true love

The feeling of love is always subtle. Sometimes you think you are in love, but it is not necessarily. If you have the following eight feelings, it is true love.

I. beautiful feeling

When there is love, we will think that the other party is the best. Even if there are other heterosexuals who are more beautiful than the object you love, they are the best for you, and they can not be compared with others.

II. Dear feeling

When you really love a person, you will have a very kind feeling. He makes you feel very comfortable. You can trust and rely on him. He seems to be a close family member, or even closer than a family member. This is intimacy plus a warm feeling, that is, the feeling of being dear. In this love country, he will not criticize your flaws, because he is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings.

III. feeling of envy and respect

A healthy love relationship should have the feeling of being proud of each other. We will appreciate each other’s internal and external conditions and advantages. And the other side is proud of us everywhere. If we can have this feeling, whether he succeeds or fails, we will appreciate his talent.

IV. love of praise

When we love each other, we like to praise each other, not only for appreciation, but also for others. From the enthusiasm of praising each other, we can feel incomparable happiness.

v. respected self-esteem

A healthy love relationship can improve one’s self-esteem. Let’s feel that life is more valuable, because love makes you feel that you have incomparable uniqueness. Although you have advantages and disadvantages, your uniqueness makes you receive incomparable respect, and life is valuable because of it.

VI. possessiveness

Love is absolutely exclusive, and you can’t share intimate relationships with others. So we need to get married to continue a love, and meet and promise each other when we get married. Therefore, in true love, it is necessary to promise loyalty to each other.

VII. Freedom of action

If an individual has a legitimate reason, his freedom of action must be respected, so as not to destroy the love relationship between two people.

VIII. Deep sympathy

We often have compassion for the people we love deeply and often think about each other. If the other party suffers setbacks, we will be very willing to share the pain and frustration with him, treat the other party’s suffering as our own, or better than our own, because we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for the opposite party.

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