Precautions after injection of hyaluronic acid for freckle removal what are the precautions after injection of hyaluronic acid for freckle removal

Everyone has a love of beauty. We all want our skin to be smooth and beautiful. However, with the passage of time, we are getting older and older, and the traces left by time on our skin are becoming more and more obvious. Among them, color spots and freckles have settled down on our faces in varying degrees, which makes our dream of pursuing beauty come to naught. Nowadays, more and more people inject hyaluronic acid to remove freckles. What should beauty seekers pay attention to when injecting hyaluronic acid?

Precautions for injection of hyaluronic acid are divided into before and after injection of hyaluronic acid. Many people may not understand the precautions before and after injection of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) generally lasts for 8 months to 1.5 years due to different molecular sizes. Usually, there will be temporary slight redness and swelling in the injection area after injection. Generally, it will disappear after a few days without special treatment. Some customers will have local cyanosis after injection, which is caused by touching small blood vessels under the skin during injection, and usually disappears by themselves in about 1 week. Because it is not a protein product, the chance of causing allergic reactions is very small. Because it can be metabolized and absorbed in the human body, it generally has no long-term side effects.

1、 Precautions before hyaluronic acid injection:

1. Please avoid menstruation during treatment.

2. Avoid taking aspirin, vitamin E and other Yao substances orally before operation.

3. If there is a serious infection on the face and herpes attacks, injection treatment is not allowed.

2、 Precautions after hyaluronic acid injection:

1. Within 24 hours after injection, the injection site should not touch the Shui as much as possible.

2. Do not take sauna within 1 week after injection.

3. It is recommended not to receive massage at the treatment site within 1 month after injection.

4. Please avoid touching the injection area within 6 hours after the injection of hyaluronic acid. During this period, water and soap can be gently used for cleaning, and slight makeup removal is allowed.

5. Don’t expose the treatment area to extreme heat, such as sunbathing or sunbathing or being in an extremely cold place. Pay attention not to soak in hot springs or take sauna in the short term after injection. Never apply any cold or hot compress to the injection site, which will change the fixed hyaluronic acid.

6. If aspirin or other similar anticoagulant drugs are used, it is easy to have bruises and bleeding at the injection site of hyaluronic acid. It is best to stop using it for a few days before injection to avoid affecting the beauty effect of hyaluronic acid injection.

7. In order to fix the shape of hyaluronic acid within 24 hours after the completion of hyaluronic acid injection, please avoid touching the injection site to avoid deformation.

8. After injection of hyaluronic acid, try not to do vigorous exercise in the short term to prevent accidents.

The above are the precautions before and after the injection of hyaluronic acid for beauty treatment. If you want to achieve the best effect of your operation, you must pay attention to the precautions before the operation, and do a good job in post-operative care. In addition, if you choose a regular hospital, you must ask a professional doctor for surgery. Finally, I wish you all success in freckle removal and beauty. Beauty is always there.

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