How to turn white when your face is yellow

In order to whiten, girls always tirelessly look for some tips. Today, Xiaobian will share some tips on whitening, hoping to help beauty loving girls get rid of dark yellow skin and effectively improve their appearance and temperament.

Then, how can I turn white when my face turns yellow?

1. Apply facial mask frequently to whiten

If your skin is yellow, you must do a good job in daily care and work harder than others to maintain your skin. Develop a good habit of skin care, do facial mask frequently, and try to do facial mask 2-3 times a week. Only in this way can we better replenish moisture to the skin, achieve the effect of whitening and moisturizing, and improve the dark yellow skin. If you want to apply a facial mask, try to choose a moisturizing facial mask. If you want to change your yellowish complexion, you can also choose more whitening products with good reputation. After each facial mask, you can use some whitening products to protect skin, which can play a two pronged role.

2. Do a good job in moisturizing

As we all know, women are made of water. Only when the moisturizing work is done in place can it play a whitening effect from inside to outside. Only through reasonable moisturizing work can the skin become better. If the skin turns yellow, you can also choose more moisturizing and whitening skin care products, but you must remember that no matter how good, you should not use too much. Drink more water at ordinary times. This process is essential on the road of skin care.

3. Collagen is very important for skin care

Collagen is very important for our women’s skin health care. The collagen in women’s bodies gradually disappears, especially after the age of 25. Lack of collagen can easily lead to dull, yellowish and dull skin. For dark yellow skin, you can choose some big brands of collagen to drink. Stick to drinking, so as to lighten your skin color and give you soft and smooth skin.

4. Normal work and rest

Everyone must keep a good work and rest time to ensure good health. A person’s skin color and work and rest time are also very important. If the skin color is dark yellow and there is no blood, it is best to maintain a good work and rest time and not stay up late. It’s best to go to bed at about 11 p.m., which is the time when the skin metabolism is fastest.

If you miss this period of skin care, the melanin in your body is not discharged in time, and there will be melanin deposition. Maybe this is the main reason why your face is yellow.

In addition, daily diet is also crucial on the road of skin care. At ordinary times, in the process of eating and drinking, the nutritional intake must be balanced. Don’t be picky and overeat. These are the main reasons for skin deterioration. Secondly, try to eat less stimulating food and more fresh vegetables and fruits containing VC.

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