5 proposals for caring for heart health

Fast food makes our hearts more and more fragile. Refreshing coffee is the main drink to keep our minds clear at all times; When you go out by car instead of walking, you have less passion and time for sports; The meal time may only be 10 minutes… The continuous improvement of efficiency has overwhelmed the heart. Therefore, the following 5 proposals for caring for heart health can help you return to heart health for life.

Get close to it and know it

Proposal 1 central proposal: life determines heart health

Before you want to get heart health, you should put yourself in your shoes and “understand it”. In addition to genetic factors, you should know in detail what causes its discomfort, so as to take targeted prevention.

Keep away from: high pressure

Living under high pressure every day, and even going home at night, we have to plan, write programs, and find information in front of the computer… Being in a state of tension for a long time will lead to arrhythmias, endocrine disorders, and even affect the heartbeat, thus stimulating the onset of heart disease. In addition, if you are not in a good humanistic environment, the relationship in the office is delicate, the interpersonal relationship is intertwined, and you live in suspicion, intrigue, and even anger every day, which will also lead to shortness of breath and abnormal heart rate, thus inducing heart disease.

Keep away from: high fat according to a health survey, people with high cholesterol are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease than ordinary people. This is because too much cholesterol will accumulate in the blood vessels, leading to increasingly narrow blood vessels, which hinders the normal circulation of blood. In this way, heart diseases will gradually occur.

Stay away from: too thin

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