Cancer loves to find ten kinds of people to drink hot and strong tea and often stay up late

I. drink hot strong tea every day

Regular drinking of high-temperature (above 70 ℃) concentrated tea not only easily scalds the esophagus and forms chronic ulcers, but also the tannins in tea can be deposited on the injured site, stimulating the injured esophageal epithelial cells, resulting in chronic ulcers that can not be healed for a long time and leading to cancer.

II. Those who often work overtime and stay up late

Cancer cells are formed by mutation during normal cell division. Night is the most vigorous period of cell division. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, the immunity of the human body will decrease, and the mutated cells will not be cleared in time, which may lead to cancer. Those who stay up late often smoke and drink coffee to refresh themselves, which is also easy to cause more carcinogens to enter the human body.

III. low serum cholesterol

Some experts in the United States believe that those with low serum cholesterol have a higher incidence of colon cancer. Those with serum cholesterol lower than 110mg / dl have a risk of colon cancer more than three times higher than that of normal people.

IV. those who often hold back their bowels and stools

Urine generally contains one or several carcinogens, which can stimulate bladder epithelium to become cancerous. There are more harmful substances in feces, such as hydrogen sulfide, stink, cholesterol metabolites, secondary cholic acid and other carcinogens. If they often stimulate the intestinal mucosa, they will also lead to cancer.

v. allergic constitution

American scientists surveyed nearly 40000 people, and found that people with asthma and allergies to certain drugs or chemical reagents were more likely to develop cancer than those without allergies. Women with a history of allergy have a 30% higher risk of breast cancer than normal people; Men with a history of allergy have a 40% higher risk of prostate cancer than normal people.

VI. people prefer meat in life

Experts from Harvard University in the United States found that people who eat pig, cattle, sheep and other animal meat as their staple food every day have a 2.5-fold higher rate of bowel cancer than those who eat a small amount of meat only a few times a month; The risk of pancreatic cancer also increases with the increase of meat intake.

VII. Children of cancer patients

Tumor genetics research believes that the occurrence of human cancer is closely related to genetic factors, and the risk of cancer in the offspring of cancer patients is significantly higher than that of the general population.

8. One of the husband and wife suffers from cancer

Data show that the phenomenon that both husband and wife suffer from cancer at the same time or one after another is gradually increasing, which is called “husband and wife cancer”. Experts believe that the same bad lifestyle is the root cause.

IX. those suffering from hypertension

Although it can not directly lead to cancer, the occurrence of the two diseases has a common mechanism. Obesity, alcoholism, smoking and excessive salt can not only raise blood pressure, but also induce cancer. Therefore, active prevention and treatment of hypertension can also reduce the risk of cancer.

X. vitamin deficiency

Swiss experts believe that people with few protective vitamins in their bodies are vulnerable to cancer. Vitamin A β The risk of lung cancer increased threefold in those with carotene deficiency; The risk of esophageal cancer and gastric cancer increased 2-fold and 3.5-fold, respectively, in vitamin C deficient patients; In the population with insufficient vitamin E, the incidence of lip cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer will increase.

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